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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-07-08
Daft Punk- Random Access Memories
You remember those two dude who DJ with robot masks on? The ones who essentially created french house? Well this is there fifth album. Moving away from the traditional french house music they initially perfected, this album took five years and has more disco, soft rock, synth-pop, and also some really cool experimental tracks with lots of synths, samples, and noises [think: Rollin’ and Scratchin’ from Homework]. Throughout the album, heavy use of drums, groooovy bass, electric guitar, keyboards, orchestras, choirs, synths, etc. Heavy produced album, because, it’s fucking Daft Punk and they got the dough. Overall, very diverse album. Many of these songs are instant grooves with a lot to offer. Check it out!

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*1. (4:34) Upbeat, fast song with groovy baseline, light shimmers, heavy drum/ guitar emphasis, teasing keyboards. Very dance-y. Repetitive, but perfect as a sunset starter for a sexy evening.
2. (5:22) Cue 80’s TV cop series background music. Cue vocoder. Cue cheesy vocals.
*3. (9:05) Explanation of the “sound of the future”. Futuristic synths below hard, marching beat. Builds with added drums, delicious bass, lazrs, metal guitar, sultry keyboards!!!!!! Experimental dance music.
4. (3:49) Downtempo make-out track. Light drums, melancholic keyboard, vocoder with lamenting vocals.
5. (5:38) Midtempo driving bass + drums. Male vocoded vox. Picks up later on with sassy beat. Could serve as the “awkward male to reformed player” anthem. Teehee.
6. (5:54) Big bass and drums. Tropical with nice electric guitar, claps. “Lose yourself to dance!” Probably the weakest track on the album, but still fun!
**7. (8:19) Synths and sounds (wind, water, tones) from a dream sequence. Then transitions into vocal heavy track picking up with dance beat (drums, electric guitar, synths, keyboards, horns, strings). Later vocoder comes in instead, along with angelic chorus. Slowly spirals into oblivion. Really cool how the composition changes throughout the track.
8. (6:10) Catchy upbeat dance track about having a lot of sex. Groovy bass lingers while house track kicks in with classic Daft Punk vocoder, hi hats, and faster bpm. Fun, good song, but overplayed-- doesn’t need support from college radio.
9. (4:50) Symphonic beginning melting into slower, funky bass with softly spoken vocoded vocals. Cool synth play. Lullaby track for your lover after a hot session.
**10. (5:42) Psychedelic track with tribal beats with clarinet, flute, strings, space-y synths. Water sounds, faster beat, storm is approaching but its okay, the animal sacrifice is ready. SO FUCKING COOL.
11. (4:40) Upbeat but laidback, synth heavier, drums, electric guitar with effects, bass. Male non-vocoded vocals. Reminiscent of the “LA California Dream”
12. (4:11) Heavy pounding bass, simple break beats + snares, vocoded vocals along with poppy male vocals.
*13. (6:21) Starts with sample taken from a NASA conversation regarding “something out there”. Transitions into drum heavy dance-y track with plenty o’ synths/ organ and looped keyboard. Heats up two thirds of the way with a pressure riser that leads to a cool break. Sounds like some demonic recordings. Oh my god. Kind of spooky

Track Listing
1. Give Life Back To Music   7. Touch (Featuring Paul Williams)
2. The Game Of Love   8. Get Lucky (Featuring Pharrell Williams)
3. Giorgio By Moroder   9. Beyond
4. Within   10. Motherboard
5. Instant Crush (Featuring Julian Casablancas)   11. Fragments Of Time (Featuring Todd Edwards)
6. Lose Yourself To Dance (Featuring Pharrell Williams)   12. Doin' It Right (Featuring Panda Bear)
  13. Contact