Pure X / Crawling Up The Stairs
Album: Crawling Up The Stairs   Collection:General
Artist:Pure X   Added:May 2013

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2013-05-14
Taking shoe gaze, psyche pop to a whole new level: this is stripped down simple pop fed through someone’s swelling itching brain expanding it to a plump cushy dream state. Just when I think I can reference Low or early Cure or Tamaryn it sounds more like Franz Ferdinand on Quaaludes being drowned in a bathtub by a clinically depressed abused single mother on heroin. Some “indie rock” styled precious vocals in here but everything gets so fucked up by delays and the general downtempo feel of it all anyway so who cares. Like what Karen Carpenter heard in her head when she went toward the light…. Bladerunnercore folks, don’t be scared off by the above name dropping, this shit is right up your bong. Like My Bloody Valentine after rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic.

1) (2:59) dreamy slow submerged pop
2) (3:30) FCC simple stripped down pop song
3) (2:33) wow, pure minimalism treated, borders on experimental but could fit in a pop set, wtf?
4) (4:05) perfect use of delays in stripped down guitar, but then the vocs come in falsetto and you think we’ll go disco, til…. It goes back and forth – see FF reference above
5) (2:39) another simple pop song, tripped out, no falsettos
6) (3:41) cool tape loop noise soundbed under a ballady overdramatic near spoof of U2? This shit is getting weird as it is noisey, man!
7) (3:16) more weird treated pop, slower
8) (4:17) a bit of an old Cure feel in the beat and guitar, which comes in wooly and fuzzy later
9) (2:41) not so stripped down pop, just like an indie rock song put on LSD
10) (4:55) a rather nice pop song, fit this in with any “indie rock” set (I’m serious now)
11) (2:28) a downtempo shoegaze, almost interlude, ethereal, pretty
12) (3:58) cool dark intro of sorts, then goes into a cool dark swaying pop

Track Listing
1. Crawling Up The Stairs   7. I Come From Nowhere
2. Someone Else   8. Never Alone
3. Written In The Slime   9. How Did You Find Me
4. I Fear What I Feel   10. Thousand Year Old Child
5. Things In My Head   11. Rain At Dawn
6. Shadows And Lies   12. All Of The Future (All Of The Past)