Eyeconoclast / Drones Of Awakening
Album: Drones Of Awakening   Collection:General
Artist:Eyeconoclast   Added:Apr 2013
Label:Prosthetic Records  

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1. May 25, 2013: The Base of A Dream Is Empty
Proclaiming From Dead Dimensions, Executioner (Slayer Of The Light), Invoking Carnage (Racing Blind)

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-04-28
Artist: Eyeconoclast
Album: Drones of Awakening
Genre: Deathrash Metal
RIYL: Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Crown, Defleshed, and Terror 2000, Necrophagist
Influenced by Swedish death and thrash metal bands such as The Crown, Defleshed, and Terror 2000, Italian death metaller Eyeconoclast began their venture into the eerie realm of heavy music in 2003. Since then, they have released some demos and EPs, each served as their Death Metal training within the underground. In 2012, the band signed with Prosthetic Records and also invited a killer vocalist Giuseppe Di Giorgio (from Black Therapy) as a permanent singer. In April 2013 the new full-length "Drones of the Awakening" is out, featuring an ensuing series of electrical storms that penetrate the dense, earthy crust of the death metal fan's robust skull.
[Headbang Is The Law]
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*1.Proclaiming from Dead Dimensions (3.57)- kicks off with slaughtering/shrieking followed up by machine gun blistering fast drums and riffs; hateful vox with brutal vibe; some melodic riffs around 1:23; disgusting death growl
***2.Rise of the Orgamechanism (3.34)- spiced with some artificial harmonics in the intro made me think of Fermented Offal Discharge by Necrophagist; march of madness; bloody/reckless slaughter; tidal sway; ongoing crazy drums
***3.Dawn of the Promethean Artilect (5.24)- Menacing and irascible distorted guitar; great short interlude lightening riffs around 1:38; ragged solos around 2:00; nice melodic solos near the end
***4.Anoxic Waters (4.48)- Scorching sweeping kicks off; guitar solos as background 1:25 with growls building up; fortified punch; onslaught of tasteful/brutal tones
***5. Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream (3.23)- starts off with some samples and then explodes into death violence; catchy guitar riffs fires chaotically; brutality, darkness, and sensationalism
***6. Obsolesced (5.48)- guitars go from crushing and chugging riffs to sprawling solos, along with insanely fast-paced drums; some great short grooves around 2:50; many impressive transitions within
****7. Hallucinating in Genetic Disarray (5.36)- full with brutality and aggression; catchy melodic riffs as background around 1:00; creeping/pounding riffs around 1:38; crunchily fantastic; punishing composition
***8. XXX - Manifest of Involution (4.20)- Crazy drums all over this motherfucker; enough aggression to blow a barn door off, like a tornado
**9. Mother Genocidal Machine (3.52)- A flurring of chaos break off; instruments and vox clash disastrously with hyperspeed intensity
****10. Invoking Carnage (Racing Blind) (4.34)- great racing grooves here and there; weaving distorted riffs
***11. Executioner (Slayer of the Light) (3.42)- suffering vox; double kicking with thrash metal solos; relentlessly air attack; en evilly thrilling laugh around 2:19

Track Listing
1. Proclaiming From Dead Dimensions   6. Obsolesced
2. Rise Of The Orgamechanism   7. Hallucinating In Genetic Disarray
3. Dawn Of The Promethean Artilect   8. Xxx - Manifest Of Involution
4. Anoxic Waters   9. Mother Genocidal Machine
5. Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream   10. Invoking Carnage (Racing Blind)
  11. Executioner (Slayer Of The Light)