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Album Review
Ramzi S.
Reviewed 2013-04-25
Khat Thaleth or “Third Rail” is a project that has gathered a broad cross-section of the most  conscious and innovative Arab hip hop artists from the Middle East and Diaspora to give them a platform for free expression about the ongoing revolutionary changes in the region. The CD includes 23 tracks and diverse artists from Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and more.

FCC Clean except for track 11

**My faves: 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 23

1. Min Al Awal (From the Beginning)/ Touffar 3:56 Lyrics about the result of the Arab Spring. Pessimistic and critical.
2. Sharq Awsat Jdeed (New Middle East)/ Zeinedin, Narcicyst, Lethal Skillz, Bashir Saade 2:21 A joint effort by 4 accomplished Hip Hop artists
3. Soura (Picture) Rami GB 3:31 Intro in classical Arabic; about betrayal.
4. Il Haal (The Situation) Yaseen 1:44 Broaches Palestinian traitors.
5. Baladi (Country Style) LaTlateh 3:14 Steady beat with lyrics about Syria
6. Harra (The Street) El Far3i, Lethal Skillz 2:54 A cry against corrupt systems and the youth of today.
7. Souret Sourya (Chapter of Syria) El Rass + Hamorabi 2:41 A ‘sura’ is a chapter in the Quran. Used here subversively.
8. **Salam (Peace) Armada Bizerta 3:17 Sexy beginning, leads to a cry for peace and freedom in the Arab world.
9. **Toyour Tha'ira (Revolutionary Birds) Abdullah Miniawy, Fadi El Khoury 2:51 Soothing Oud intro, Lamentation. Lyrics in classical Arabic.
10. **`Aleh (Parasite) Maqdesi 3:21 Against politicians and living in illusions.
11. !!!Ezaz Mathoun (Ground Glass) Bu Kulthoum, Zeinedin, Stickfiggr, Raed El Khazen 3:11 Interesting musical intro. Profane lyrics.
12. Dam Ou Zeytoun (Blood and Olives) Al Haqq, Stickfiggr 2:23 Scratchy vinyl; speaks about hashish, burning one’s rights, and starting anew.
13. Oumat El Zulum (Nation of Injustice) RAS 3:09 A song against Syria’s Assad regime and against imperialism.
14. Kursi E'tiraf (Interrogation Chair) Tamer Naffar + Al Sayyed Darwish 2:32 The former is from the Palestinian group DAM remixed with Al Sayyed’s vocals.
15. Ya Haif (Oh Shameful) Touffar 3:19 Mawal (lamentation) inserted between the lyrics makes this track stand out.
16. **Ya Deeb (Oh Wolf) Al Sayyed Darwish + El Rass 3:27 An old Lebanese song, revived, remixed, radicalized; followed by new lyrics.
17. **Taht el Soor (Under the Rampart) Armada Bizerta, Yosra 3:50 Mellow beginning; Tunisian Hip Hop combining Bizerta’s vocals with Yosra’s haunting chants.
18. **Boov (Boov) LaTlateh, Hiba 3:04 Features female vocalist Hiba.
19. Ramadi (Gray) Asifeh 2:03 Samples familiar Arabic music that loops while integrating calls to prayer and the sound of the nay (reed).
20. **Foosh (Float) El Rass, Bashir Saade 3:17 The only track on this CD mixed by Jana Saleh. Samples the popular “Houwara” traditional Lebanese song.
21. Ana El Sha'b (I am the People) Mohamad Antar 1:03 Powerful lyrics about the presence of the People everywhere despite governments.
22. Rad Al Sha'b (The People's Response) Al Haqq 2:24 Interesting looping vocals; noise, deliberately annoying track.
23. **Janna Janna (Heaven Heaven) El Far3i + El Rass 4:22Min Al Awal (From the Beginning) Touffar 3:56 Samples a popular old song about one’s homeland being like heaven then introduces new lyrics about being in hell.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Touffar Min Al Awal (From The Beginning)
2. Zeinedin, Narcicyst, Lethal Skillz, Bashir Saade Sharq Awsat Jdeed (New Middle East)
3. Rami Gb Soura (Picture)
4. Yaseen Il Haal (The Situation)
5. La Tlateh Baladi (Country Style)
6. El Far3i, Lethal Skillz Harra (The Street)
7. El Rass + Hamorabi Souret Sourya (Chapter Of Syria)
8. Armada Bizerta Salam (Peace)
9. Abdullah Miniawy, Fadi El Khoury Touyour Tha'ira (Revolutionary Birds)
10. Maqdesi Aleh (Parasite)
11. Bu Kulthoum, Zeinedin, Stickfiggr, Raed El Khazen Ezaz Mathoun (Ground Grass)
12. Al Haqq, Stickfiggr Dam Ou Zaytoun (Blood And Olives)
13. Ras Oumat El Zulum (Nation Of Injustice)
14. Tamer Naffar + Al Sayyed Darwish Kursi E'tiraf (Interrogation Chair)
15. Touffar Ya Haif (Oh Shameful)
16. Al Sayyed Darwish + El Rass Ya Deeb (Oh Wolf)
17. Armada Bizerta, Yosra Taht El Soor (Under The Rampart)
18. La Tlateh, Hiba Boov (Boov)
19. Asifeh Ramadi (Grey)
20. El Rass, Bashir Saade Foosh (Float)
21. Mohamad Antar Ana El Sha'b ( I Am The People)
22. Al Haqq Rad Al Sha'b (The People's Response)
23. El Far3i + El Rass Janna Janna (Heaven Heaven)