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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2013-04-21
Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil
Reviewed by Sadie O., 4/19/13
Bits from Brazil’s long-running and very popular psych-Tropecalia movement. Most tend to be “psych-folk”, definitely tending toward the acoustic and pretty, and there’s a heavy Samba/jazz background influence. Tracks get stranger and psychier as CD 1 progresses.
All in Brazilian Portuguese, so I have no idea about FCCs…
CD 1:
1. 3:39 ***60’s style jangly guitars and flutes, totally hippie-dippy but rockin’.
2. 2:56 **terribly pretty, rather melancholic plinky guitars and gentle hand percussion, humming and violin in second half, but essentially instrumental.
3. 5:07 **pretty keyboard and tenor vocals. Gets a plonking 4/4 rock beat every so often, then a swingy shuffle after about 1:40.
4. 4:39 ***sitar, fretless bass, female vocals, swingy sambatastic groove. A bit jazzy, very Brazilian, a bit of hip hop vocal. Quite the mashup.
5. 3:57 **drones intro, then extremely laid-back groove with lots of strings but no beat. I could totally see dropping acid to this, although I always preferred rock. Suddenly gets be bop vocals and electric guitar halfway through. Definitely odd. Almost entirely instrumental.
6. 3:55 ***a bit of samba, a bit of Sgt Peppers, some spoken word, then swingy upbeat groove with handclaps.
7. 3:24 ****a bit of spoken word, then a quirky limping groove with flutes, pretty singing. A bit loungy, a bit groovy 60’s. Fun.
8. 2:52 ***relaxed guitar and flutes, with odd echo-laden dripping noises, pretty baritone vocals, could have been a fairly normal Brazilian pop song but for all the oddball elements. Some really nice guitar work.
9. 3:45 *****gnarly, electronic, disjointed and quirky. Think Frank Zappa with a funky Brazilian beat and a truly nutty group of vocal noisemakers. Nice.
10. 2:45 ****farfisa chords, extremely light and pretty tenor vocals. Classic 60’s acid-rock after 30 seconds, very downbeat but thoroughly psych.
11. 3:12 ****bit of drumbeats, then some sort of odd samba circus march with tuba, steel drums and steel guitar, female vocals. Some weird quavering something butts in halfway through, and a heavy metal guitar goes head-to-head with marimbas.
12. 3:20 *echo-laden drips, pretty acoustic guitar. Very pretty tenor and female vocals. Way on the “folk” end of “psych-folk”.
13. 4:50 ***odd bass noises and skreeky electronics and echoes. I would hesitate to drop acid and listen to this – it’s kind of alarming… pretty guit/sitar sounds, though. Definitely psych.
14. 2:37 **downbeat, almost standard samba intro, but with creepy keyboards… Pretty male vocals, almost liturgical sounding backing vocals, acoustic guitar. Sparse and strange.
15. 3:10 ***pounding keyboard chords, then bouncy upbeat psychosamba. Jazzy flutes. Hallucinogenic.
16. 6:09 *****bit of bass and percussion, growing into some serious African-style polyrhythm. Ooh, bang, electric guitar. Psychedelic jam, takes me right back to Sundays in the park in the 60’s… (false ending a couple minutes or so from end and another about 10 seconds from end.)
CD 2: Elements of just about every 60’s British psych band you can think of…
1. 5:02 ****backmasked flutes intro, then funky, boppy midtempo 60’s rock. Lots of wah-wah and chunky guitars.
2. 4:42 ***downtempo, twangy reverb, psychy processed vocals.
3. 5:43 ***rather dischordant but happy chorus, 4/4 folksy march with significant strangeness and cries of Mr. Frog…
4. 3:13 ***very uptempo and goofy, silly vocals, twangy guitars.
5. 5:56 ***twisted downtempo baroque chamber music, evocative singing, bit of Sgt Pepper type chaos. Complete cacophony by the end…
6. 3:46 ***fast reverby guitars – vocals sound a bit like Fred Schneider.
7. 2:46 ***fast garage rock with a bit of harmonica, offkey vocals.
8. 6:44 ***uptempo and loud, and pretty much total psych. Gets seriously messy…
9. 3:17 ****uptempo, loud, wah-wah for days.
10. 5:00 ****pretty hippy trippy with flutes and fairies. But still weird!
11. 5:12 ***water sounds and chugging guitar. You can do the Grateful Dead dance to this. Until the last minute, which is all random weirdness…
12. 7:03 **theremin(?) intro, backmasking, then midtempo chunky march which pretty much falls apart into cacophony about halfway through, comes back into psych jam.
13. 3:18 ***pretty little calliope waltz, very light and pretty vocals. Seems so normal after the rest of the record!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Laranja Freak Alergico De Flores
2. Lula Cortes Nordeste Oriental
3. Siba Cantando Ciranda Na Beira Do Mar
4. Baby Do Brasil O Jarro
5. Quintal De Clorofila Jardim Das Delicias
6. Jose Mauro Obnoxious
7. Graveola Lindo Toque
8. Flaviola Noite
9. Tom Zé Uai-Uai - Revolta Queto-Xambá 1832
10. Liverpool Renata
11. Mini Box Lunar Amarelasse
12. Mauricio Maestro Feat. Nana Vasconcelos And Kay Lyra Agua Clara
13. Marconi Notaro Anthropologica Ii
14. Lucas Santtana Cá Pra Nós
15. Piri Reza Brava
16. Gentlemen, The Sorriso Selvagem
17. Jupiter Maça Um Lugar Do Caralho
18. Jupiter Maça As Tortas E As Cucas
19. Jupiter Maça Querida Superhist X Mr. Frog
20. Jupiter Maça Pictures And Paintings
21. Jupiter Maça Eu E Minha Ex
22. Jupiter Maça Walter Victor
23. Jupiter Maça As Outras Que Me Querem
24. Jupiter Maça Sociedades Humanóides Fantásticas
25. Jupiter Maça O Novo Namorado
26. Jupiter Maça Miss Lexotan 6mg Garota
27. Jupiter Maça The Freaking Alice (Hippie Under Groove)
28. Jupiter Maça Essência Interior
29. Jupiter Maça Canção Para Dormir
30. Jupiter Maça 7ª Efervescência Intergaláctica, A