Frightened Rabbit / Pedestrian Verse
Album: Pedestrian Verse   Collection:General
Artist:Frightened Rabbit   Added:Mar 2013
Label:Atlantic Records  

Recent Airplay
1. May 04, 2016: The Foundation
2. May 10, 2013: FOLKTRONICA

Album Review
Peppermint JoeJoe
Reviewed 2013-09-18
Angsty indie rock, full sound, anthem feel. Pedestrian Verse’s tracks are filled with lots of self-deprecating lyrics, with darker/negative imagery and religious questioning, set to catchy, upbeat indie anthem rock. While it can get a bit much (“I’m just dying to be unhappy again”), Scott Hutchison’s lyrics are nicely crafted, despite the band’s tendency to have repetitive chorus lines. Most tracks deliver a big, full sound, with Hutchison’s Scottish brogue wavering confessional lyrics overhead. Sounds like: Idlewild, Fanfarlo, Mumford and Sons. FCCS: 1, 6, 8, 9, 12. Play: 3, 5, 10.

1. (4:54) Acts of Man – FCC Opens with ballad piano, midtempo, picks up with lots of percussion and builds but doesn’t really go anywhere
2. (3:10) Backyard Skulls – Vocals take the lead here, slightly nasal edge, upbeat, big rock sound with glitchy, video-game guitar runs
3. (3:39) Holy*** - Upbeat, celebratory, relentless guitar throughout, lots of cymbal crashes, abrupt ending
4. (3:28) The Woodpile – Switches back and forth between pensive/downtempo and bigger, edgier chorus, more urgent vocals
5. (4:02) Late March, Death March* – Sparser percussion, added acoustic guitar layer and hand clapping, vocals repeat hoarse chant at the end
6. (4:10) December’s Traditions – FCC Urgent bass drum, vocals exposed, complicated guitar licks below
7. (1:31) Housing – Pulsing guitar, pleading lyrics, echo effect on vocals, drives to a close, ends abruptly
8. (4:08) Dead Now – FCC Midtempo, exposed vocals with shuffle beat, percussion takes the lead
9. (4:37) State Hospital – FCC Ballad feel, vocals are main focus, driving percussion, bit melodramatic
10. (3:10) Nitrous Gas** – Acoustic guitar, takes a break from the big rock sound, confessional vocals, choral harmony rounds out lead singer’s voice well, builds slightly from quieter opening
11. (1:04) Housing – Refrain of #7 with percussion instead of guitar taking the spotlight
12. (4:40) The Oil Slick** – FCC More personal lyrics, reflects on making music, dirty guitar sound, slightly more folk influence, chorus builds up to celebratory peak

Track Listing
1. Acts Of Man   7. Housing
2. Backyard Skulls   8. Dead Now
3. Holy   9. State Hospital
4. The Woodpile   10. Nitrous Gas
5. Late March, Death March   11. Housing
6. December's Traditions   12. The Oil Slick