Blue Foundation / In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed
Album: In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed   Collection:General
Artist:Blue Foundation   Added:Mar 2013
Label:Dead People's Choice  

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DJ Underbelly
Reviewed 2013-05-14
Blue Foundation
In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed
Dead People's Choice

A collection of chill electronica remixes. Mostly unremarkable, but the first two tracks are actually quite good; check em out.

FCC Clean

*1. Slow, heavily swung beat with drifting, mercurial female vocals drenched in reverb. Only really does one thing but it does it well.

*2. Dark, deep house with male vocals once again drenched in reverb. Really nice, minimal groove. Vocals are actually the weakest part of the track, although production is spectacular.

3. Interesting, interlocking drum pattern. More chill, lounge-y vocals. Not as strong as the first two tracks, skip it.

4. Glitched-out drums with looping, processed vocals. Main male singer reminds me of an even more timid Owl City. Cringe-worthy.

5. Real cheesy, melancholy groove with heavily processed female vocals. Sounds like sappy electro porridge.

6. Noisy, disjointed, glitched-out groove reminds me of a more electro Books. At least this ones interesting, if a bit crowded.

7. Huge 808 bass, cliched trip-hop lounge groove. Lackluster vocals. Meh.

8. Intriguing, nervous drum beat. Once again, the vocals aren't great, but the production here is quite nice.

9. Epic, rolling plumes of synth with delayed drum beat. Sounds exactly like everything else on this CD.

10. A different take on the first track. Really the snare thats used here, but thats about it. Stick with Track One.

11. More of the same shit. See tracks 3-10.

12. Wow, this is pretty bad. Christ.

13. Ambient synth trippery. Ridiculous levels of reverb and delay. Not terrible. Actually kinda interesting, even. But mostly boring. Next!

14. God I can barely tell these tracks apart. Why did they have to make a whole CD of this shit?

15. Cheesy-ass electro house club banger. Terrible vocals. Thank god this CD is over.

Track Listing
1. Lost (Sun Glitters Remix)   8. Describe (Neon Cloud Remix)
2. Describe (Allies For Everyone Remix)   9. Dressed In Black (Manual / Jonas Munk Remix)
3. Under The Sun - Ghost Society (Blue Foundation Remix)   10. Lost (Reconstructed)
4. Windowpane - Jonas Bjerre (Mew) (Blue Foundation Remix)   11. Just A Hand (Ghost Bike Remix)
5. Dressed In Black (Jonas Bjerre Mew Remix)   12. Datascroller - Apparatjik (Blue Foundation Remix)
6. Hoshi No Tame No Kmoruta (Rumpistol Remix)   13. Empty Wall (Minilogue Remix)
7. Fundamental (Opiate Remix)   14. Just A Hand (Secai Remix)
  15. Describe (Dberrie Remix)