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2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix)
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2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix), Seed Haffi Grow
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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2013-02-01
Kush Arora promos
Reviewed by Sadie O., 2/1/13
Local DJ producer with wide global influences (he calls it “Dread Bass”). Dub, future dub, dubstep, glitch… These tracks were sent to promote his Dub Mission show in SF on Feb 17.
FCCs (singular) on tracks 6, 8 and 10 of CD 1, repeated FCCs on tracks 2 and 10 of CD 2.
CD 1:
1. 4:54 ***funky midtempo junglistic shuffle, lots of rhythmic changes. Danceable!
2. 5:03 ****downtempo, lopsided with bits of Jamaican accented spoken word, echoes. Dully-metallic dubstep bits.
3. 4:12 ***manic incomprehensible vocal bit, then VERY low hum, then crazed banged riddim, bit of disco… Charming, in a mutant kinda way…
4. 4:47 **very low-key tinkles and grunts at first, building into a flow, blatty thing with piano and recherché du temps perdue…
5. 4:51 **slow, low-key, glitchy, alarming, with hyperspeed vocals. Many changes…
6. 5:12 FCC: “FUCK da police” **Jamaican gangsta rap bits, slow, lopsided farty riddim.
7. 4:57 ****same riddim as track 6, but with MC Zulu’s excellent toasting.
8. 5:09 FCC: “Booshit” ***same riddim, more blats, rhythmic toast.
9. 4:57 ***just the riddim – slow, blatty, “gunshots”.
10. 5:43 FCC: FUCK da police – but this one is pretty unintelligible with all the dubstep. Give it a listen first and use your judgment… ****same vocals as track 6, but more drama and whispers. Gets deeply dubsteppy.
11. 4:34 ***groovy bongos! Very glitchy repeated vocal snippets.
CD 2:
1. 6:59 **very low whooshes for 15 seconds, then BOOM! Dubby, takes a while to come together, lots of metallic and more natural sounding noises. After 3 minutes gets a nice funky little island groove on, with bangy bits.
2. 4:25 FCCs “FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU!” **glitchy Moog poots, utterly dubbed bits of vocals, lopassed rhythm. Dubstep. Angry female talking.
3. 3:23 ****clangs and stuff, slow swingy riddim, some dubstep. Male rap in Arabic.
4. 4:30 ****downtempo, clangs and handdrums – lots of hints of various international influences. Instrumental.
5. 5:00 ***swingy downtempo sway with bits of syndrums, rhythmic rap.
6. 4:27 *****starts deeply glitchy but pulls together into complex riddim involving moments of vocals used as beats. Like beatboxing and not like it at all. Need!
7. 4:50 **slow and ponderous 4/4, echo-laden dancehall-ish toast, increasingly complex additional percussion. Gets dubsteppy.
8. 4:11 ****goofy Baile Funk riddim, cuica, female vocals in Brazilian Portuguese.
9. 4:44 *****sparse intro with “sitar” bits. Gets into mid-to-uptempo dubstep with “Eastern” overlay. Keen!
10. 3:11 FCC: “Don’t fuck around” repeated (“blood claat” is an FCC in Jamaican, too…) ***hand drum percussion, angry female Jamaican vocals, slow,
11. 3:11 **hand drum percussion, hyperspeed male toast, dancehall lyrics.
12. 3:11 ***instrumental, hand drum percussion, subtle dubsteppy woobles,

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dubblestandart Chrome Optimism (Kush Arora's Tropical Bass Remix)
2. Dubloner And Isac Selassie Wickedman
3. Dreadsquad & Lady Chann Island Lovin' (Kush Arora Remix)
4. Dubloner And Isac Selassie The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora Remix)
5. Kush Arora Jah Dan And Stereotype Pon Time
6. Kush Arora Feat. Mega Banton Repping And Stepping
7. Kush Arora Feat. Mc Zulu Vigilante Gun Court
8. Kush Arora Feat. Juakali Black Market
9. Kush Arora Gunshot Instrumental
10. Kush Arora Feat. Mega Banton Repping And Stepping (Jamal Remix)
11. Kush Arora Feat. Mega Banton Repping And Stepping(Ill Cosby Juke Remix)
12. Kush Arora Humidifier
13. Kush Arora Empty Alleys
14. Maga Bo Feat. K-Libre Nakhil (Kush Arora And Bakir Remix)
15. Kush Arora Humidifier Jammer Club Edit
16. Kush Arora Feat. Juakali Seed Haffi Grow
17. Kush And Bakir Pet Massage Shiatsu Funky Mix
18. Kush Arora And Elephant Man Vampires And Informers
19. Kush Arora And Zuzuka Poderosa Seda
20. Nicodemus 2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix)
21. Kush Arora Feat. Lady Chann Wid Dem (Spanish Wall Street Riddim)
22. Kush Arora Feat. Mega Banton Shake Sitten (Spanish Wall Street Riddim)
23. Kush Arora Spanish Wall Street Riddim