Raven Black Night / Barbarian Winter
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Artist:Raven Black Night   Added:Jan 2013
Label:Metal Blade  

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Barbarian Winter

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-01-29
Artist: Raven Black Night Album: Barbarian Winter
Genre: Epic Doom/Metal
FCC clean
An Australian band, heavily influenced by Candlemass, Cirith Ungol, and Black Sabbath. Their first album Choose the Dark was recorded and released in 2005 and after that they had been invited to perform at various metal festivals and underground club, including the 10th annual Headbangers Open Air in Germany, where the band performed with Candlemass, Rage, and many others.

1.(5.37)- opening song, slow-paced, the vocal sometimes gets too high-pitched that makes you feel annoying
2. (3.07)- guitar riffs remind a lot of Candlemass
*3. (4.42)- paranoid+crunchy, evil riffs, watch out the sudden stop at the end
*4. (3.08)- pace becomes faster near the end, doomer guitar solo than the previous track, nice closing
*5. (6.50)- ominous+thuggish, solo lights the song up, all instruments fit together
6. (4.27)- brighter opening/atmosphere, faster tempo song
7. (0.11)- soliloquy
**8. (9.24)- dark intro with opaque riffs, back to slow pace, pounding riffs, good solo that creates add more emotions to the song+NICE growling when soloing, they kind of try to add more elements (melting pot) to let the track stands out, change to a different atmosphere (esp. the change in vocal: from higher-pitched to lower/deeper growling), menacing tone
*9. (3.24)- softer song, slower-paced, less menacing
***10. (5.13)- short guitar solo starts off, nice/catchy riff, vocal fits to the lusting emotions of the song, decent solo in the middle, vocal+solo layer together in a good way
*11. (6.01)- droning intro, lonely, mostly clean tone, sudden surge of guitar solo in the middle, melancholy
**12. (7.41)- faster paced, changes mood by switching clean/dirty tone constantly, nice solo!!
(Warning! song silences for about a minute when there are still 2:30 at the end)

Track Listing
1. Fire In Your Eyes   7. Warriors Call
2. Morbid Gladiator   8. Barbarian Winter
3. Mystery Woman   9. Changes
4. Fallen Angel   10. Lips Of Desire
5. Black Queen   11. Nocturnal Birth
6. If You Choose The Dark   12. Angel With A Broken Wing