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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-02-25
Limited noise compilation, created to commemorate the 200th release of Rochester, NY-based Carbon Records. (These tracks are the tape rips from a 2-cassette 1-LP box set...if you're a fan of this, a 12" slab of even more fun is lurking somewhere in the music office...)


1. Metallic humming and sputtering. Gradually gets erratic ‘n harsh.
2. Grating bursts of noise peppered with warped fast-forward music. Perhaps the most aptly-titled song of 2012 (“I Think It’s Stuck”)
3. Interesting experimental collage with splashy water sounds, spooky humming and a bit of blustery noise at the end.
4. 14-minute fuzzed-out psych guitar improvisation. Some squawks of noise come in and wake everybody up at the 10-minute mark.

1. Messy collage of static, a bit of guitar, distorted radioband frequencies, and bubbly electronics.
2. 15 minutes of static, keyboard, and minimalist garage band beats. Also a bit of vocals—though I can’t tell if they’re samples or not.
3. Sustained chords, noise, screaming, explosions, general WTF-ery.
4. Gentle banjo strumming sample gradually degenerates into boggy low-end noise (nothing too harsh though).

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Martin Freeman Untitled
2. R.Nuuja I Thinks It's Stuck
3. Stone Baby Violator Of The Pact
4. Entente Cordiale 06.11.11
5. Pengo Drowning In The Pristine Awareness Channel/The Aroma Of Righteousness/Prisoner's
6. Jungle Heart Reverse Realm/Rise Of Parasonmia
7. Dr.Hamburger In Between Dreams/Mind Bleach/Psychodynamic Space
8. Colonel Parmesan Unintentional