Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats / Blood Lust
Album: Blood Lust   Collection:General
Artist:Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats   Added:Nov 2012
Label:Rise Above  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-11-19
Stoner rock par fucking excellence. Are you unsatisfied with how trendy and cliché the genre has gotten lately? Imagine a blues-rock influence that is genuine and heartfelt, the furthest thing from cheesy; and a modern doom metal influence, damn near crushing (that thick and juicy Orange amp tone), but not overbearing; and hot damn, if the guitar sound isn’t the most tasteful Tony Iommi worship Ive heard in quite some time. This band has joined the highest ranks of today’s heavy psych saviors. See also: SubRosa, Witch, Acid King, White Hills, Church of Misery, Dead Meadow. There’s also a cool, somewhat trippy folk track at the end that some indie fans may enjoy. FCC clean

1. (5:02) weird drone intro leads into an off-kilter, goddamn heavy as ballsack doom-rocker
2. (7:15)** A crushing head-nodding heavy metal plod. I can’t believe Sabbath didn’t write this track.
3. (3:21)* steady upbeat rockout track, anthemic pentatonic fist-pumping awesomeness
4. (4:39) starts out as a slow and sinister evil crawl, picks up the pace to rock hard
5. (3:41) hard-rockin’ fast double-time with some subtle prog influences
6. (6:59) Deep doomy blues gallop, one of those riffs you’ve heard before but don’t mind hearing again after a few joints.
7. (4:44) dark, rumbling 6/8 plod, bluesy but somewhat directionless
8. (6:15)* gut-wrenchingly slow but not really, generic pentatonic doom but reallllly drugged out and hazy
9. (5:29) very quiet chirping bird intro for 30secs, then a bright and dreamy psych-folk ditty

Track Listing
1. I'll Cut You Down   5. I'm Here To Kill You
2. Death's Door   6. 13 Candles
3. Over And Over Again   7. Ritual Knife
4. Curse In The Trees   8. Withered Hand Of Evil
  9. Down To The Fire