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Album Review
catherine harris
Reviewed 2013-04-05
The first 13 tracks make up a concept album about different aspects of medical tourism and travel from the band Medical Tourists (suitable). Tracks have less intense percussion than you might imagine and are mostly guitar and story/lyric driven. Pretty wacky new-wave, if this is your thing try track 11. Tracks 14 through 17 are by the band Prefecture and are more punk, although all their songs have FCCs if you actually look at the lyrics (otherwise you couldn’t really tell what they’re saying). The last three tracks are by the band Syntax Error and are also more punk inspired than Medical Tourists, tons of distortion, heavy guitar, drums, all that good stuff. Recommended: 11. FCCs: 14, 15, 16, 17
1. (0:59) Airplane captain announcement, “seat-backs in upright and locked position, prepare for take-off”
2. (2:53) Song about being medical tourists, distorted, piercing female vocals, laser sounds, repetitive
3. (2:00) Mr. M’s story, tells his recovery from being hit by a bus, lyrics are mostly spoken over epic arcade-like guitar
4. (2:03) Dissonant, teeth-grinding guitar, punchy vocals, they do succeed in capturing the frustration of an impatient patient.
5. (2:41) Droning aggressive guitar, lyrics slightly more melodic, cool synth interlude
6. (2:19) West-Coast/Beach Boys influenced jangly, dissonant guitar with cheery, peppy female vocals
7. (1:08) Laser sounds return, lots of layered guitar, vocals pretty much just repeat the word “reject” over and over
8. (1:45) Bohemian Rhapsody vibes, urgent guitar
9. (3:12) Cool dissonant, arcade like guitar, chorus is chanting of the parts of the brain, back and forth between male and female vocal
10. (2:41) Half spoken/sung advertisement for permanent press dress shirts, in punk rock style. Hilarious. “No more wrinkles, all is good now”
11. (2:01)** Most accessible track on album, upbeat, kind of shuffle beat, dissonant guitar melody meshes well with female vocal
12. (2:25) Choppy guitar with blipping robot noises in between, abrupt ending
13. (2:06) Captain airplane announcement returns announcing descent, blips and bloops finish last minute
14. (2:02) (Prefecture) FCC Heavy guitar, monster vocals, semi-coherent lyrics (lots of “rawr”s), lots of drums
15. (1:20) (Prefecture) FCC Intense wall of guitar, drum noise, urgent, fast-paced, ends abruptly
16. (2:19) (Prefecture) FCC Head-banging, most lyrical guitar, cool solo licks
17. (1:23) (Prefecture) FCC Slower, plodding guitar in between verses
18. (1:51) (Syntax Error) Crunchy, edgy guitar interwoven with electronic blips, call and response vocals
19. (2:34) (Syntax Error) Gameboy chase/fighting music inspired synth melody over guitar noise, punchy vocals punctuated with drum kicks
20. (3:34) (Syntax Error) More rock inspired guitar, really distorted vocals, cuts out for solo droning synth halfway through

Track Listing
1. (Intro)   11. P2c
2. Medical Tourist   12. Master Of The Walk
3. Friend Rental   13. (Outro)
4. Impatient Patient   14. Syntax Error (Syntax Error)
5. Ysig   15. Ashamed To Be Human (Syntax Error)
6. Skyline   16. Transistor Love (Syntax Error)
7. Eject Reject Object   17. Automatic Labor (Prefecture)
8. Population Density   18. Patriot Act I (Prefecture)
9. Positive Negative   19. Want Adds (Prefecture)
10. Permanent Press   20. A.C.Y.D. (Prefecture)