Various Artists / Neurotic Yell Records Summer 2012 Sampler
Album: Neurotic Yell Records Summer 2012 Sampler   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2012
Label:Neurotic Yell Records  

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Hello Good Morning
4. Nov 20, 2013: Sunflower Sutra: Special Edition
Role Play
2. Dec 12, 2013: The Songsmith Show
Get It On Up
5. Nov 14, 2013: !!
Her Useful Dream
3. Nov 23, 2013: Around The Bend
Etoile De Mer
6. Nov 13, 2013: Sunflower Sutra
Role Play

Album Review
Emma Budiansky
Reviewed 2013-09-27
This Promo CD from Neurotic Yell Records is yummy and fun and suhweeeeet. Lots of worthwhile tracks, most featuring female vocalists. A mix of lo fi, pop, and rock.

1. *Calypso-WEAVE! (2:59) chill electric guitar, cool female vocals, mmmm, kinda beachy
2. H (heart) H-WEAVE! (3:04)-more driven, female vocals, pretty
3. *Faustine-Raw Geromino (3:40)-female vocals, breathier, more sultry, steady beat
4. Magnetic Love-Raw Geromino (3:51)-slower, simpler, romantic
5. I Won't Cry-Brass Tax (2:48)-female vocals, sassy, soulful, kazoo solo in the middle, feels kind of like a modern 60's girl group
6. Get It On Up-Amanda Jo Williams (2:36) female vocals, sounds like a little girl, slow, instruments almost country-ish
7. Hello Good Morning-Amanda Jo Williams (2:15) more of the little girl vocals, reminds me of something Sandy would sing in Spongebob
8. *Her Useful Dream-Siddhartha (3:45) dreamy male vocals against chanting woah-ohs, female backing, futuristic instrumentals surprise at the end
9. *Etoil De Mer-Swahili Blonde (5:30) super pretty, refreshing female vocals, upbeat, mid tempo, grows increasingly lush with strings
10. Bed Bugs-Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians (4:48)-dark male/female vocals, slow, menacing, eerie instrumentation builds
11. Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries-Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians (5:04) more creepy dark male/female vocals and creepy instrumentation building, feels like it has more direction, maybe a bad dream
12. Old Blood-BIG SIR (3:45) ethereal female vocals, poppy instruments, mid tempo
13. The Dump-Dante Vs Zombies (3:02) quirky, rough male vocals, mid tempo, some effects sound like a video game
14. The Dump Remix-VAGENDA (3:03) remix of the song before but it doesn't feel like a remix
15. Overnight-Jail Weddings (3:27) strong male vocals, feels overly grand like The Smiths with a modern twist
16. Shot on the Spot-Raw Geronmino (3:01) super sultry female vocals are back, marching, belongs in one of those fancy weird nightclubs in movies, dramatic
17. *Role Play-Raw Geronmino (3:22) this lady is so over the top and seductive, it's wonderful, strong female vocals, poppy
Role Play Remix (feat Teri Gender Bender)-VAGENDA 18. (3:39)-sweet remix of the song before, makes it dreamier
19. Purple Ink-Swahili Blonde (5:36) female vocals, sultry, strong beat, mid tempo, gets stranger and mixed up in the middle

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Weave! Calypso
2. Weave! H (Heart) H
3. Raw Geronimo Faustine
4. Raw Geronimo Magnetic Love
5. Brass Tax I Won't Cry
6. Amanda Jo Williams Get It On Up
7. Amanda Jo Williams Hello Good Morning
8. Siddhartha Her Useful Dream
9. Swahili Blonde Etoile De Mer
10. Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians Bed Bugs
11. Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries
12. Big Sir Old Blood
13. Dante Vs Zombies The Dump
14. Vagenda The Dump Remixed
15. Jail Weddings Overnight
16. Raw Geronimo Shot On The Spot
17. Raw Geronimo Role Play
18. Vagenda Role Play Remixed
19. Swahili Blonde Purple Ink