Various Artists / Italia 4
Album: Italia 4   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2012

Album Review
Ming Er
Reviewed 2013-08-02
Various Artists/ Roots Music Atlas

Label: Felmay

Haiming Jin

Reviewed 2013-08-02

Various artists using different kinds of instrument created this beautiful album. All Italia language music. Every single music has it’s own style. I recommend my favorite top two: #11 “Pastres de I’argentiera #19 “Ssteila” is the second top because it’s rhythm can really attract people’s attention I think.

1.) ** mid-slow. very short but very rhythmical very smooth and funky music.

2.) Up-fast. A soloist singing louder then the music, very special style feels like in a bamboo.

3.) * mid-slow. beautiful vocal background plus a clean nice solo vocal voice front, perfect match, at 1:04 start a good saxophone.

4.) Slow. Soft cello playing a very traditional/classic music.

5.) Fast. The music is a little aggressive but very rhythmical man solo singing, at the middle mixed some female chorus.

6.) Fast. Up-beat guitar start first, and a man solo, a little sad voice.

7.) * Slow. An ethereal female voice start, 00:50 start the music, funky.

8.) * Slow. Start a slow saxophone, and goes a little fast, very rhythmical.

9.) Fast. Start a fast music, 00:40 a male solo singing, deep voice.

10.) Fast. Multiple instruments playing together fast, but very smooth.

11.) ***Slow. Starts very slow cello, gradually goes fast very funky rhythmical,00:45 added a beautiful sound flute, 1:05 start a female soft female solo poetic voice, sounds like walking in the rain with lover.

12.) mid-fast happy and relaxed mid-fast instrument playing.

13.) mid-slow. Very special female solo voice singing over the guitar, gradually music goes a little fast.

14.) Fast. Very fast melodeon plying.

15.) Slow. Female solo voice start, gradually add various background female voices, sounds like instrument playing, great voice match.

16.) mid-slow. Start Saxophone and bell. A little noise, but smooth.

17.) Slow. Start a male voice, then added some female voice, funky.

18.) mid-slow. Stat a male deep voice solo, and then music together, up and down.

19.) ** mid-slow. “Ssteila” Same rhythmical as the 1.) , but this one has male&female voice mixed singing, beautiful voice and beautiful music.

20.) Slow. Music starts very slow, and 00:45 start a male singing, and then added a female singing together.

21.) mid-slow. Simple tempo and clear rhythm, and then a male singing slowly. The repeat “tiribi taraba” again and again, smotth, funky and funny.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mundi, Yo Yo Sstelia Fesstu
2. Uaragnaun Trinze Trinze
3. Trobairitz D'or La Femme D'un Tombour
4. Napoli Mandolin Orchestra La Traviata
5. Menna, Mirco Wvvia
6. Gattamolesta Kadisha