Melvins / Freak Puke
Album: Freak Puke   Collection:General
Artist:Melvins   Added:Jul 2012
Label:Ipecac Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-07-11
The Melvins’ newest release finds them once again rocking out like the bunch of unpredictable troublemakers they’ve always been. This Melvins “Lite” lineup replaces their beefed-up rhythm section with Trevor Dunn (Fantomas, Secret Chiefs 3) on upright bass, but this ain’t no lounge jazz Melvins. Dale Crover’s syncopation is tight and aggressive, complementing Buzzo’s off-kilter riffs perfectly. Dunn’s mostly bowed technique, although he does lay down some pizzicato basslines, adds a bit of an avant-garde classical touch to the sound, but in general this remains as accessible as fan favorite albums such as Bullhead or Houdini. A subtle 70s hard-rock influence creeps in, making plenty of the riffs irresistibly catchy. Simply put, this kicks ass. FCC clean

1. (5:52) Slow and restrained, bowed bass and brushes on the drums, some unassuming guitar melodies lacking the energy to become riffs—a gentle, forgettable intro that goes on a bit too long.
2. (1:57) Trevor Dunn bass feature. Some manic upright bass shredding, spanning all tones and timbres available. Man, can he screech with that bow!
3. **(3:51) Catchy but angular 70s rock riffs, delivered with fatal precision and some clever bass / drum solos
4. (3:55) Weird buzzsaw riff pummeling away, unnerving and aggressive attitude; halfway through fades into some bass oddities with chanting vox
5. **(4:28) DOOM! Slow, dirgey, sludgy perfection, the Melvins at their best! Surges with muscular energy, totally destroys.
6. *(2:47) Upbeat and catchy, intriguing bluesy riffs—again with the 70s-isms put through the musical blender that is King Buzzo’s fucked up brain.
7. (2:32) Mellow, menacing plod, the soundtrack to a haunted house with some scattered, echoing bass dissonance
8. (2:47) Jolly yet frantic cock-rock, complete with some groovin’ cowbell at the end, filtered through layers of contemporary sludge nihilism
9. *(4:31) Wings cover. Heavily swung 6/8 blues-rock dirge, starts off dark and creepy but somehow manages to end up anthemic.
10. (9:40) Eerie, restrained whispering jam gradually builds into a dense and directionless rock’n’roll showcase; ends with 3 minutes of weird ambient noise

Track Listing
1. Mr Rip-Off   6. Leon Vs The Revolution
2. Inner Ear Rupture   7. Holy Barbarians
3. Baby Won't You Weird Me Out   8. Freak Puke
4. Worm Farm Waltz   9. Let Me Roll It
5. A Growing Disgust   10. Tommy Goes Berserk