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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2012

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1. Sep 07, 2013: Music Casserole
Nootaikok (Calika Remix)
2. Jul 31, 2013: Beach Blanket Bingo
Ballerina Platform Shoes (Proem Remix)

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-06-03
Artist: Origamibiro
Album: Shakkei Remixed

Details: Experimental, noticed that most pieces undergo a development and evolution around halfway through, adding new melodies and slowly fading out the old style, Often smoothly gliding from one soundscape to the next. No vocals, but contains voice sampling
Picks: 4,6,14,16,17
~DJ Hash$wag~

1. (5:47) Long, diverse rhythms, jazzy walking bass, nice and groovy
2. (5:31) Sampling voices out of context, repetition
3. (3:52) Groovy, mixing, long intro
4. (6:21) Nice intro mixing piano with marimba over guitar and strings, then the beat drops, reverb synth
5. (3:58) Slow string intro, fast soundbites out of context, gets groovy mechanical beat
6. (2:44) High strings intro, thumping playful guitar melding with synth
7. (4:18) Mechanical beat, stirring bass sounds carry the piece through to a soft conclusion
8. (5:31) Light tapping on soft cloudy medium, piano and synth, beat begins halfway through
9. 4:04)Arpeggios, quick pace, synth with echo opens up the sound halfway through
10. (3:21) Urban and clean rhythm, futuristic, building depth
11. (3:33) Melodic electronic
12. (5:26) Very Soft Intro, slowly building harmony, beat machine at halftime
13. (3:45) Very chill, sounds harmonious yet chaotic
14. (5:21) Melancholy and slow harmoniously smooth soundscape, strings
15. (4:12) Computer beeps, guitar, vinyl pops, does not travel very far from the beginning
16. (3:05) Power Echo Solo Intro, slow thudding beat, moody
17. (5:45) Playful piano replaced by slow chords, beautiful soundscape

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Set In Sand Ballerina Platform Shoes (Set In Sand Remix)
2. Leafcutter John Quad Time (Leafcutter John Remix)
3. Aus Sedimental Value (Aus Remix)
4. Plaid Impressions Of Footfall (Plaid Remix)
5. K-Conjog Sedimental Value (K-Conjog Remix)
6. Umin Nootaikok (Umin Remix)
7. Calika Nootaikok (Calika Remix)
8. Isan Dusk & Umber (Isan Remix)
9. Low In The Sky Quad Time (Low In The Sky Remix)
10. Proem Ballerina Platform Shoes (Proem Remix)
11. Phylum Sinter Ballerina Platform Shoes (Phylum Sinter Remix)
12. Remote Viewer Ballerina Platform Shoes (The Remote Viewer Remix)
13. Offthesky Flotsam Drift (Offthesky Remix)
14. Upward Arrows Dusk & Umber (Upward Arrows Remix)
15. Ghost And Tape Flotsam Drift (Ghost And Tape Remix)
16. Melodium Impressions Of Footfall (Melodium Remix)
17. Last Man On Mars Dusk & Umber (Last Man On Mars Remix)