Slusser, David / Kzsu Day Of Noise Live, 2/12/12
Album: Kzsu Day Of Noise Live, 2/12/12   Collection:General
Artist:Slusser, David   Added:Apr 2012

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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-05-02
This was recorded right here in our own studios during our Day of Noise 2012 (a year prior to my writing this). David Slusser is a local avant-garde saxophonist who has played with John fucking Zorn, has edited music for David Lynch and Francis Coppola, and has produced sound installations at the MoMA in New York. He’s a big deal, but the music here is humble, unassuming, and tenderly spontaneous. Almost none of it can be recognized as saxophone-based, as many strange effects and tape loops pop up. It’s a strange, whirring, cabbalistic ritual of sound plundering, worthy of any adventurous ears. He’s also done a bang-up job remixing and adding some cool bonus tracks, so it’s really quite outrageous that this languished on the review shelf for a year. RIYL Day Of Noise, Music From The Film (the band)

1. (8:41) A sleep-deprived Miss Info introduces the set. Weird, wobbly layers of blipping, glitchy sounds swirl abstractly in cavernous goop.
2. (6:42) Spoken word sample from some televangelist with spooky plinky sound effects
3. (6:13) space alien transmissions
4. (1:04) gospel televangelist sample, distorted voice and loops of weirdness. indescribable.
5. (3:02) glitch sampled beats for a few seconds, then spoken word with layers of swirling satellite transmissions in the distance
6. (3:40) weird droning screeching insanity. a day at the dentist turns into a voodoo sacrifice.
7. (2:37) spooky theremin-ish glitchiness, bits of the Nutcracker (I think) sampled in the background
8. (3:10) weird synthesized rainforest sounds, sampled spoken word about God and drugs
9. (3:21) remixed piece from the DoN performance, sax squealing over a bass and drums track
10. (3:19)** the original broadcast of the previous track, lot less audible sax and more prominent effects and weirdness
11. (5:12) whirring sound effects in the background, clip from some old movie
12. (3:01)* collage of Elvis movie trailers
13. (2:58) looped 808 beat, Dubya soundbites, warped voices and wandering woodwinds
14. (3:59) dark, growling ambience, screeching muppet-y voice loops
15. (16:01) taken from a John Zorn album that features Slusser; really bizarre, abstract suite ranging from orchestrated sitar/synthsax ambience, jungle sound collages with skittering piano, groovy organ jaunts, just a wild crazy romp. Be forewarned, this wouldn’t play very well on my disc drive.

Track Listing
1. Aardvarks   8. Curtains Of Time
2. Arkansas Brother   9. Sax: Remixed Elements
3. Stanford Sax   10. Sax: As Broadcast
4. Burnt Offerings   11. Day Of Noise 5/6/01
5. Rhythm Of Death   12. Elvis
6. The Old Mill   13. Thug
7. Carmen Variations   14. Don't Go There
  15. John Zorn: Liber Novis