Bird, Andrew / Break It Yourself
Album: Break It Yourself   Collection:General
Artist:Bird, Andrew   Added:Apr 2012
Label:Mom + Pop  

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Album Review
catherine harris
Reviewed 2013-01-11
Break it Yourself is not nearly as whimsical as Birds previous offerings, with more emphasis on classic bluegrass fiddling and lyrics that quietly seethe. This subdued album still packs a punch though, with stand out tracks “Near Death Experience Experience” and “Orpheo Looks Back” that pick up the pace a bit more and have the classic Bird layering of acoustic guitar, plucked violin, glockenspiel, whistling, and the occasional synth. His lyrics are just as smart as ever, with lines like “let’s not remember the Maine” from Lusitania, and while he isn’t experimenting with synth/huge sound as much, this album is still a quiet charmer with tons of layers – multiple listens necessary.

FCC clean

1. Desperation Breeds… - Slow, dreamscape opening becomes more upbeat, with layered violin/acoustic guitar syncopations, punchy vocals overlaid, luscious violin solo 2/3 of the way through
2. Polynation – Short, 40 second interlude, spacy violin
3. Danse Carribe – Classic bluegrass violin sound, transitions to a kind of campy “cheeseburger in paradise” jam with sweeping vocals
4. Give It Away – Upbeat shuffle, bookended by classic Bird duet with plucked violin, quiet guitar
5. Eyeoneye – Bigger rock sound, simmering lyrics, vocals dominate over instrumentation, builds to foot-tapping intensity and then fades to whistling
6. Lazy Projector – Distorted, echoed vocals open, transitions to a blues-y ode with whistling, glockenspiel, very pretty
7. Near Death Experience Experience* – Sounds very similar to “Imitosis” from Armchair Apocrypha album, cool, minor groove with layered guitar, violin, glock, little space-y synth effects doing cool things in the background
8. Things Behind the Barn – Atmospheric interlude, mourning violin
9. Lusitania – Laid back duet with Annie Clark (St. Vincent), blooming sound, whistling
10. Orpheo Looks Back* – More driving beat, classic bluegrass violin sound dominates most of song, celebratory, tons of layering
11. Sifters – Love song, hypnotic acoustic guitar, Bird’s crooning main focus
12. Fatal Shore – Gentle, blooming guitar backs up laid back, yearning vocals, whistling interludes
13. Hole in the Ocean Floor* – 8 minute soundscape, musical doodles with plucked violin, guitar, whistling, gorgeous, rich string sounds, hymn-like vocals, fades out
14. Belles – Crickets and wind-chimes, distant fiddling, night on a farm

Track Listing
1. Desperation Breeds   8. Behind The Barn
2. Polynation   9. Lusitania
3. Danse Caribe   10. Orpheo Looks Back
4. Give It Away   11. Sifters
5. Eyeoneye   12. Fatal Shore
6. Lazy Projector   13. Hole In The Ocean Floor
7. Near Death Experience Experience   14. Belles