Master Musicians Of Jajouka, The / Primal Energy That Is The Music And Ritual Of Jajouka, Morocco, The

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Jajouka Black Eyes
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Sidi Hamid Sherk, Prayer
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Jajouka Black Eyes

Album Review
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Reviewed 2012-04-30
Master Musicians of Jajouka
The Primal Energy That Is The Music And Ritual of Jajouka, Morocco
Sol Re Sol Records

Berber Sufi trance music. Associated with the Beat Generation (e.g. Burroughs) Timothy Leary called them a "four thousand year old rock'n'roll band". Awesome stuff. Sounds like they're straight out of the Western Sahel. Which makes total sense. There is a slot of swirl to this music.

A1. Short prayer, clapping
*2. (5:38) Ancient bassoon sounding like instruments (rhaitas), bag pipe drone, drums kick in and beat picks up
*3. (1:56) Strings, sounds like an oud (gimbres)
4. (3:15) Swirling flutes and drums
5. (5:40) Male vocals (lead and backing beat), violin end it with a bang
6. (3:34) More rhaitas - bassoon bazaar camel bagpipe drone, drums

7/B1 (2:09) Teasing group female vocals, hand clapping
8/B2 ? (3ish?) Raga like timbres, male vocals (lead and backing), drums
9/B3 (5ish?) Bagpipe rhaitas, boring doodling around builds into this great intense drone
10/B4 (5:12) Flutes, drums
*11/B5 (4:32) Rhaitas, insistent drums, again builds into incredible drone
12/B6 (3:11) Soft gimbris and drums playing catch up together

Track Listing
1. Prayer   7. Teasing Boujeloud
2. Sidi Hamid Sherk   8. Jajouka Black Eyes
3. Waving   9. Brian Jones
4. Jajouka Black Eyes   10. Boujeloud
5. Brian Jones   11. Boujeloud
6. Jajouka Black Eyes   12. Boujeloud