Buried At Birth / Force / Quit
Album: Force / Quit   Collection:General
Artist:Buried At Birth   Added:Feb 2012
Label:Give Praise Records  

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1. Oct 01, 2015: What was scene?
I Chased A Homeless Man Down The Street With An Exhaust Manifold
2. Mar 17, 2012: Catharsis - St. Paddy's night

Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2012-03-16
This San Jose thrash/grind outfit unleashes a brief, blistering first full-length on the world. Twin vocals alternatingly screech and growl (i.e. banshee + cookie monster) over spastic, jagged riffs that tear into your eardrums at light speed. Think JFA at the speed of Capitalist Casualties with some 90s Napalm Death riffs gutted and dismembered in a bloody mess. Solid production, relentless murdering rampage music—play this to piss off your neighbors and the girlfriend you don’t have because you listen to this kind of music.
FCC clean as far as any human ears can tell.

1. (1:35) top-notch new powerviolence sound, like Spazz or Spoonful Of Vicodin with some black metal riffs, some off-kilter tempos and guitar shreddery
2. (0:53) brief film sample, then shortfast&FUCKINGLOUD
3. (1:20) fastasfuck blastbeats and some brutal riffs for smashing your face into concrete
4. (0:53) fastfastfastfuckingfast—then sludgy slow—then fast again
5. (1:10) muscular death metal riffs, syncopated and violent, with some jarring math-rock dissonance thrown in too
6. (1:20) fast, violent, abrasive; Slayer on PCP guitar solos
7. (1:02) brief manic burst of hatred
8. (0:45) shortfastfuckingloud beat the shit out of untitled assholes with this
9. (1:45) slow sludgy crawling pace
10. (4:43) ridiculous barrage of varying tempos, skronky mathcore weirdness, SILENCE at 1:16, until 30-second hidden track at the end.

Track Listing
1. I Chased A Homeless Man Down The Street With An Exhaust Manifold   6. Vertical Snarl
2. Junk D.N.A.   7. Salem Steamer
3. Boat Trash   8. Entitled Asshole
4. Owl   9. Ready Player One
5. How Much Do Clothes Cost In The Matrix   10. Baseball Bat Meets Skull