Basinski, William / Clocktower at the Beach (1979), The
Album: Clocktower at the Beach (1979), The   Collection:General
Artist:Basinski, William   Added:Aug 2023
Label:Line Records  

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2023-08-12
Ghostly, foggy, mysterious ambient-drone. An unearthed archival work by composer Basinski (The Disintegration Loops, Melancholia) from 1979, when he was living in San Francisco. This is one of Basinski's earliest drone works, created a few years before he began compiling the sounds that would later appear in The Disintegration Loops. Washes of soft but desolate textures, not noisy but a little eerie, evoking the Northern California coast on especially overcast days. Maintains the same general feel throughout. Great music for a contemplative night. One 42:03 track. RIYL: Celer, Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Loscil, Adam Pacione. No words, no FCCs.

Track Listing
  1. The Clocktower at the Beach (1979)