Stretton, Hana / Soon
Album: Soon   Collection:General
Artist:Stretton, Hana   Added:May 2023
Label:Brierfield Flood Press  

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2023-08-06
Summery ambient-folk from New South Wales. Very quiet but also heavily layered, sometimes sounding like Stretton recorded the same song on top of itself several times. As background music these songs seem hazy and indistinct, but on closer listen they're mindbendingly detailed in texture. Field recordings of outdoor sounds are prominent throughout. This is magical and inspired in its open-hearted subtlety. I'm in awe. RIYL Florist, Grouper in a warmer and more arid climate, Sibylle Baier, Nick Drake, Blue Divers, Karima Walker, Lomelda. Favorites: 2, 5, 6, 7, 9. No FCCs detected.

1. (1:39)—Gentle a cappella, field recording of walking.
2. *(3:35)—Soft strummed guitars, several whispered vocal tracks. The second half is close to a textured ambient wash.
3. (1:31)—Tinny vocal harmonies, with skeletal rhythm keeping on guitar. Like a fragment of a 78.
4. (3:41)—What another songwriter would make a pop chorus is, in this song, buried under all sorts of textures including light percussion and vocal harmonies.
5. *(1:32)—A tiny song. Woozy tones, soft piano. Bowed strings?
6. *(2:55)—Pretty fingerpicked guitar. Soft percussion like footsteps in grass.
7. *(4:03)—Leisurely guitar fingerpicking. A single foregrounded vocal line dissolves into soft harmonies.
8. (2:02)—Soft-pedal piano, no singing.
9. *(4:30)—Very soft guitar and piano, prominent whispered singing.
10. (1:57)—Reprise of track 2.
11. (4:13)—Droning beginning. Harmonies and piano. A wind instrument? Buried recording of a conversation. Pulsing vocal harmonies at end.

Track Listing
1. Come Home   6. Miss
2. Captain's Flat   7. Changing Weather
3. Can 1   8. O
4. Can 2   9. Micalong
5. Ducks   10. Captain Was a Cow
  11. Bid's Animals