Hear & Now / Milvus
Album: Milvus   Collection:General
Artist:Hear & Now   Added:Apr 2023
Label:Claremont 56  

Album Review
Reviewed 2023-05-01
Wide-angle lens Balearic house from Italian duo known for delivering lush, sunny tracks. Perfect Spring Quarter music. Nicely “chilled” but there’s nothing "background" about this. All tracks instrumental.

RIYL: Coyote, Tycho, Chris Coco, Kodomo
Try: 5, 1, 7, 3

1. Great mellow intro track with a ringing trumpet sounding over a smooth ambient background. Lots of great basslines
2. Yearning gentle beat with horns and a whistled melody
3. Sunny, dubby beat with electric guitar elements
4. Bright punchy beat with a bit of a disco twist
5. High-altitude piano-driven beat. Beachy and smooth
6. Slow-building churning beat with a bit or harmonica
7.Downtempo sunset slow-burner
8. Slower outro tracks with bleary singing, flutes, and hand drums

Track Listing
1. Bassa Marea   5. Baiadriatica
2. Levante   6. Milvus
3. Coccobello   7. Zanziblu
4. Spuma   8. Abisso