Bitchin Bajas / Bajascillators
Album: Bajascillators   Collection:General
Artist:Bitchin Bajas   Added:Jan 2023
Label:Drag City  

Recent Airplay
1. Feb 03, 2023: Oh Messy Life

Album Review
Reviewed 2023-01-18
Four long, gorgeous, rhythmic instrumental tracks from this Chicago based three piece. Their songs take the repetitive looping structure of post-rock and add layers and layers of lovingly light synth lines. Each song builds loops that evolve and evolve as elements are added and removed.

1. Heavily rhythmic marimba like chimes slowly build and build, then fade. A little bit of a Gamelan vibe. Imagine you are in a temple listening to an orchestra of chimes.

2. Slow sporadic chimes begin, twinkly synth sounds come and go, a slow drone builds underneath. Imagine you are slowly exploring an unknown wilderness.

3. Distant echoes become near. A slow looping rhythm builds. At about four minutes in woodwinds begin to enter the loop. The loop gets denser and then elements slowly drop out. Imagine you are stargazing, then dancing, then resting.

4. Starts with clicking rhythms and blippy synth sounds, a beat emerges, layers and layers of synths pile on. Imagine you are taking a walk on a cheerful summery day in a bustling city.

Track Listing
1. Amorpha   3. World B. Free
2. Geomancy   4. Quakenbr​ü​ck