Backseat Lovers / Waiting To Spill
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Album Review
DJ Stace
Reviewed 2023-01-15
Album / Artist: Waiting to Spill / Backseat Lovers

Label: Capitol Records

Release Date: October 28, 2022
Review Date: 1/15/2023
Reviewer: DJ Stace

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Reminiscent of Early Radiohead

Release Notes:

The Backseat Lovers is an American alternative rock band that formed in Provo, Utah in 2018. The band's 2019 single, "Kilby Girl," has accumulated over 200 million streams on Spotify and reached number 39 on the Billboard Rock & Alternative Airplay chart. The band released their major label debut album, Waiting to Spill, on October 28, 2022 via Capitol Records. - wikipedia

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RIYL: Radiohead, Cigarettes After Sex

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1. Silhouette 6:13 - Lush, sprawly mostly instrumental.
2. **** Close You Eyes 5:05 - Midtempo, building ballad. Quiet interludes give way to crashing crescendos, fading quietly.
3. *** Morning in the Aves 4:02 - Acoustic finger-picked melody, stays quiet mostly, with a small interlude of drama.
4. **** Growing/Dying 3:32 - Quirky Mid-tempo Beatleseque structure, loads of feedback and fuzzy distant guitar.
5. *** Words I Used 5:23 - Quiet, slow piano intro, spacey distant guitar and distant vocals. At 2:40 shifts to another bouncy midetempo 70’s McCartney-esque piano pop rocker, then back to the quiet part for the outro.
6. **** Snowbank Blues 3:17 - Guthrie folk strummer. Quiet mid tempo. Can’t go wrong with whistling.
7. Follow the Sound 4:11 - Another uptempo lost Beatles piano chamber pop bouncer.
8. *** Slowing Down 5:20 - Long Spacey intro gives way to heartbeat rhythm. Strummy and brooding.
9. *** Know Your Name 4:52 - Sorta midtempo epic surf rock rhythm, spare with spacey guitars, and interludes of shoegazey crashing wall of sound. Abrupt ending.
10. *** Viciously Lonely 5:33 - Slow spare acoustic guitar and piano with jazzy brushed snare yacht rock. Quiet and ethereal. Gets super quiet at 247 then glides back up for the outro. At 445 fades to rain sounds for the remainder of the runtime.

Track Listing
1. Silhouette   6. Snowbank Blues
2. Close You Eyes   7. Follow the Sound
3. Morning in the Aves   8. Slowing Down
4. Growing/Dying   9. Know Your Name
5. Words I Used   10. Viciously Lonely