Off! / Free LSD
Album: Free LSD   Collection:General
Artist:Off!   Added:Oct 2022
Label:Fat Possum Records  

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2022-11-01
Hardcore punk with psych, classic metal, and free jazz twists. First album in eight years from this supergroup featuring Keith Morris (first vocalist for Black Flag before fronting Circle Jerks). Soundtrack for a sci-fi film that never got made. Lots of synth noises. Is this prog rock? In any case, it's fun, fantastical, and pissed off. It's impressive that Morris, who's approaching seventy, is still doing this music with so much feeling, or even doing this music at all. All songs are fast and loud unless noted otherwise, and they generally fade into each other. RIYL West Coast punk, Judas Priest, Sun Ra, Genesis, the Hernandez brothers' Love and Rockets comics. Favorites: 1, 4, 6, 11, 12. FCC WARNING 8, 19 (surprisingly few four-letter words, at this rate Morris will be reviving the Parents Music Resource Center by 2030).

1. *(2:38)—Thirty-second intro with synth drones and wobbles, barrels ahead from there. Modern face of warfare! Rockets' red glare!
2. (2:28)—Fast verses, breakdown choruses, synth solo. Ancient astronauts look to Planet X!
3. (2:55)—Zigzags between slow and fast tempos. Mining the moon! Our chromosomes harvest the earth! War above Los Angeles!
4. *(1:36)—Straighforward, no synth until end. False flag rapture sham! At the children's prison camp!
5. (1:18)—Free-space-jazz interlude.
6. *(2:04)—Medium-fast, chugging. They own what we hear and see! Everywhere we look, they're the enemy!
7. (1:45)—Medium-fast. A day will come when we lose control and the circuitry's God!
8. (2:42)—FCC (f***). Long intro and outro. Buried under Pentagon bureaucracy! Trillions unacknowledged! Vacuumed up the worker's cash! No more middle class!
9. (1:50)—Long mid-tempo sections. Are our thoughts not our own? Illusion of threat!
10. (1:04)—Free-space-jazz interlude.
11. *(1:13)—Short and sweet. Underground detonation! Confuse community! Rewrite history! Rewrite yesterday!
12. *(2:25)—Medium-fast, stoner metal vibe. Full spectrum dominance! FCC mediapoly! Undermine democracy!
13. (1:52)—Second half speeds up. Ominous synth melody. We've lost it all to the power of ritual!
14. (2:11)—Long intro and outro. Public front for a false messiah! They've crowned the King of Hell!
15. (0:57)—Free-space-jazz interlude.
16. (2:01)—Gnarly bass sound. A life that hates life!
17. (2:01)—Great short drum solo. Jingoist war flag! Prescription for a breakdown!
18. (1:35)—Sabbath vibe sped up. Hybrid galactic highways!
19. (2:30)—FCC (f*** x4). References to MK Ultra and the mysterious death of Frank Olson? Scientific worst achievements!
20. (1:08)—Free-space-jazz interlude.

Track Listing
1. Slice up the Pie   11. Muddy the Waters
2. Time Will Come   12. Murder Corporation
3. War Above Los Angeles   13. Behind the Shifts
4. Kill to Be Heard   14. Worst Is Yet to Come
5. F   15. S
6. Invisible Empire   16. Suck the Bones Dry
7. Circuitry's God   17. Smoking Gun
8. Ignored   18. Peace or Conquest
9. Black Widow Group   19. Free LSD
10. L   20. D