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KZSU chart for month of February 2018

  1. ST. VINCENT Masseduction (Loma Vista)
  2. ALEX G Rocket (Domino Recording Company)
  3. LUPPI, DANIELE & PARQUET COURTS Milano (30th Century/Columbia)
  4. MGMT Little Dark Age (Columbia)
  5. SHE'S, THE All Female Rock And Roll Quartet (Empty Cellar)
  6. BARDO POND Volume 8 (Fire)
  7. WOODEN SKY, THE Swimming In Strange Waters (Nevado)
  8. THEE OH SEES Memory Of A Cut Off Head (Castle Face)
  9. PREFAB MESSIAHS Psychsploitation Today (Burger)
  10. GIRLPOOL Powerplant (Anti-)
  11. LI XI Li Xi (Sundowning)
  12. TYPHOON Offerings (Roll Call)
  13. BJORK Utopia (One Little Indian)
  14. WOOD, DUNCAN Where Am I (Self-Release)
  15. COLL Our Voltage (Girlsville)
  16. WOODPIGEON T R O U B L E (Boompa)
  17. PROFLIGATE Somewhere Else (Wharf Cat)
  18. GLAARE To Deaf And Day (Dune Alter)
  19. SKY FACTION Sky Faction (Self-Release)
  20. ROSE, FRANKIE Cage Tropical (Slumberland)
  21. COLL Burger World: Mexico (Burger)
  22. CANDACE "Horizons" B/W "Greys" (Self-Release)
  23. GREEN DOOR, THE Wolf In The Fold (Self Release)
  24. MOSER, SHANNEN Oh, My Heart (Lame-O)
  25. PLANT, ROBERT Carry Fire (Nonesuch)
  26. FU MANCHU Clone Of The Universe (At The Dojo)
  27. QUILT Plaza (Mexican Summer)
  28. ADULT. Detroit House Guests (Mute)
  29. DIRTY FENCES Goodbye Love (Greenway)
  30. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! Luciferian Towers (Constellation)
  31. REVEREND RAVEN My Life (Nevermore)
  32. HOMESICK JAMES Shake Your Money Maker (Wolf)
  33. ZEAL AND ARDOR Devil Is Fine (Mvka)
  34. SPA MOANS Obedient Vibrations (Drop Medium)
  35. HOLLYWOOD SINNERS Khome Kakka (Dirty Water)
  36. FIVE ALARM FUNK Sweat (Self-Release)
  37. PURPLE Bodacious (Play It Again Sam)
  38. BULLY Losing (Sub Pop)
  39. LOS KOWALSKI Sónica (Hole)
  40. TWIN TRANCES Two On One (Dirty Slacks)
  41. YOUNG, NEIL Hitchhiker (Silver Bow Productions)
  42. EMA Exile In The Outer Ring (City Slang)
  43. RAY, SHILPA Door Girl (Northern Spy)
  44. DAN RYAN, THE Guidance (Cosmic Dreamer Music)
  45. GUPTA, SAMEER A Circle Has No Beginning (Self-Release)
  46. BODIES OF WATER Spear In The City (Thousand Tongues Record Co)
  47. HOLY MOTORS Slow Sundown (Wharf Cat)
  48. ERASURE World Be Gone (Mute)
  49. BAKER, JULIEN Turn Out The Lights (Matador)
  50. DREAM SYNDICATE, THE How Did I Find Myself Here? (Anti-)
  51. SRTA. TRUENO NEGRO ¿Qué Quieres Que Te Diga? (Laptra)
  52. ELAQUENT Worst Case Scenario (Urbnet)
  53. MARSHALL, STEVE & WOUTER KELLERMAN Where Is Home (Soe Music)
  54. HEYWARD, NICK Woodland Echoes (Gladsome Hawk)
  55. DAVIS, MILES QUINTET Complete 1960 Holland Concerts, The (Green Corner)
  56. FITZGERALD, ELLA At Zardi's (Verve)
  57. HENDRYX, NONA & GARY LUCAS World Of Captain Beefheart, The (Knitting Factory)
  58. BYRNE, JULIE Not Even Happiness (Ba Da Bing)
  59. CLOUD CONTROL Zone (Ivy League Reccords)
  60. SOLO ANDATA In The Lens (12k)

  1. ELAQUENT Worst Case Scenario (Urbnet)
  2. SEAN PRICE Rap Professor (Ruck Down)
  3. WU-TANG CLAN People Say (Eone Music)

  1. GUPTA, SAMEER A Circle Has No Beginning (Self-Release)
  3. NOACCORDION Gurukula (Self Release)
  4. HOLODILOFF, DAVE BAND Balkan String Projekt (Self Release)
  5. TANDON, CHANDRIKA Shivoham-The Quest (Self Release)
  6. BALKE, JON & SIWAN Nahnou Houm (Ecm)

  1. DAVIS, MILES QUINTET Complete 1960 Holland Concerts, The (Green Corner)
  2. FITZGERALD, ELLA At Zardi's (Verve)
  3. IRBY, SHERMAN & MOMENTUM Cerulean Canvas (Black Warrior)
  4. CHAMBERLIN, JIMMY COMPLEX Parable, The (Make)
  5. GEBRIAN, MOLLY & DANNY HOLT Trios For Two (Innova)
  6. OTOMO, TAKAAKI New Kid In Town (Troy Music Service)
  8. WILKINSON, SUNNY Into The Light (Sunchance)
  9. SMITH, DR. LONNIE All In My Mind (Blue Note)
  10. HAMILTON, JEFF TRIO Live From San Pedro (Capri)

  1. REVEREND RAVEN My Life (Nevermore)
  2. HOMESICK JAMES Shake Your Money Maker (Wolf)
  3. BOYD, JOHN BLUES Live In Concert (Self-Release)
  4. KELLY, VANCE How Can I Miss You, When You Won't Leave (Wolf)
  5. ATKINSON, SWEET PEA Get What You Desire (Blue Note)
  6. SALGADO, CURTIS Rough Cut (Alligator)
  7. ROBILLARD, DUKE Duke And His Dames Of Rhythm (M.C.)
  8. BASILE, AL Quiet Money (Sweetspot)
  9. COLL Hardcore Harp (Electro-Fi)
  10. HOWELL DEVINE Howl (Little Village Foundation)

  1. FLATT LONESOME Silence In These Walls (Mountain Jam)
  2. GARDNER, ABBIE Wishes On A Neon Sign (Self Release)
  3. CANDLEWYCK Candlewyck (Votive)
  4. ILGENFRITZ, JAMES Origami Cosmos (Infrequent Seams)
  5. CROSS, AMBER Savage On The Downhill (Self-Release)
  6. JONES GANG, THE No Turning Back (No Label Information)
  7. MARTIN, STEVE & THE STEEP CANYON RANGERS Long-Awaited Album, The (Rounder)
  8. TICE, JORDAN Horse Country (Patuxent)
  9. FOSTER, RADNEY For You To See The Stars (Devil's River)
  10. OVERMAN, WILL Crossroads (Self-Release)

  1. ZEAL AND ARDOR Devil Is Fine (Mvka)
  2. RABITRUP Swvmpa Ii (Self Release)
  3. THRONELESS Cycles (Black Bow)
  4. SLOW V - Oceans (Self Release)
  5. APATHY NOIR Black Soil (Art Noir Productions)
  6. COFFIN TORTURE Dismal Planet (Sludgelord)
  7. ESCHATOS Maere (Self Release)
  8. EYE OF THE DESTROYER Starved And Hanging (Lost Apparitions)
  9. GRETHOR Damnatio Memoriae (Self Release)

  1. BOY HARSHER Country Girl Ep (Ascetic House)
  2. DANIEL, JAY Broken Knowz (Technicolour)
  3. RUSH, JANA Pariah (Objects Limited)
  4. DEVATA DAUN Look (Pytch)
  5. TATIRA Light Will Disappear, The (Inam)