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KZSU chart for month of November 2015

  1. TAMARYN Cranekiss (Mexican Summer)
  2. DAVOLI, MATILDE I'm Calling You From My Dreams (Loyal To Your Dreams)
  3. GARDENS & VILLA Music For Dogs (Secretly Canadian)
  4. FOOL'S GOLD Flying Lessons (Self-Release)
  5. YO LA TENGO Stuff Like That There (Matador)
  6. VILE, KURT B'lieve I'm Goin Down (Matador)
  7. METRIC Pagans In Vegas (Self-Release)
  8. FRATELLIS, THE Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied (Cooking Vinyl Ltd.)
  9. FOALS What Went Down (Warner Bros.)
  10. PAPER KITES, THE Twelvefour (Nettwerk)
  11. TO STOWAWAY Surfin' (Self-Release)
  12. LOW Ones And Sixes (Sub Pop)
  13. MYNABIRDS, THE Lovers Know (Saddle Creek)
  14. LA HAVAS, LIANNE Blood (Nonesuch)
  15. LOOK VIBRANT Only Qualms (Self-Release)
  16. FUZZ Il (In the Red)
  17. 3 MOONS Astronomy Of Dreams (Moon Glyph)
  18. RAYA BRASS BAND Raya (Self-Release)
  19. TIJUANA PANTHERS Poster (Innovative Leisure)
  20. COREA, CHICK & BELA FLECK Two (Concord Jazz, Inc.)
  21. CHILDREN Great River (Future Force)
  22. GEORGE GEE SWING ORCHESTRA Swing Makes You Happy (Rondette)
  23. WHETHERMAN Seeds For Harvest (Collectrecords.Org)
  24. BALLROOM THIEVES, THE A Wolf In The Doorway (Blue Corn Music)
  25. YOU. Sunchaser (Dais)
  26. TEEN DAZE Morning World (Paper Bag)
  27. DECEMBERISTS, THE Florasongs (Caped Crusader)
  28. ZETA ONE Dreamsnake Ii (Eiderdown)
  29. CHAPPO Future Former Self (Rouse)
  30. KATE TEMPEST Everybody Down (Big Data / Co-Sign)
  31. LE FLANGE DU MAL Carrion, My Wayward Son ... (Resipiscent)
  32. LAFURN, ELLEN C'est Lafurn (Inzane)
  33. COLL Split (The Space Lady/Burnt Ones) (Castle Face)
  34. SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA, THE Resistance (Strut)
  35. NEWSOM, JOANNA Divers (Drag City)
  36. SEA OF BEES Build A Boat To The Sun (3 Loop Music)
  37. PANDA BEAR Crosswords Ep (Domino Recording Company)
  38. HAG FACE R.I.P. (Psychic Handshake)
  39. HECKER, TIM Norberg, Adondalifa (Room 40)
  40. TONNON, ANTHONIE Successor (Misra)
  41. WAND Golem (In the Red)
  42. KANT Metaphysik (Wavephase Productions)
  43. SOLDIER'S HEART Soldier's Heart (Self-Release)
  44. TARANA A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us (Wondermachine)
  45. BEAK Beak><Kaeb (Invada)
  46. KELLERMAN,WOUTER Love Language (Self-Release)
  48. DUNTON, KAIT Trio Kait (Real & Imagined)
  49. WILCO Star Wars (Self-Release)
  50. BASINSKI, WILLIAM Deluge, The (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  51. SHANNON AND THE CLAMS Gone By The Dawn (Hardly Art)
  52. BENFORD, TIGGER & PARTY Vessel Of Gratitude (Self-Release)
  53. MAC, MEG Meg Mac (Little Big Man)
  54. BAJOFUNDO Presente (Sony Masterworks)
  55. CARTER, TOM Long Time Underground (Three Lobed)
  56. TAROTPLANE First (Aguirre)
  57. MORRISSEY, FLO Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful (Glassnote Entertaiment)
  58. WHITE REAPER White Reaper Does It Again (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  59. ASTRO Chicos De La Luz (Nacional)
  60. CHAMANAS, THE Once Once (Nacional)

  1. KING MAGNETIC For My People (King Mag Music)
  2. GZA & SWEET VALLEY Planetary Energy (Converse Music)

  1. RAYA BRASS BAND Raya (Self-Release)
  2. SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA, THE Resistance (Strut)
  3. KELLERMAN,WOUTER Love Language (Self-Release)
  4. BENFORD, TIGGER & PARTY Vessel Of Gratitude (Self-Release)
  5. BAJOFUNDO Presente (Sony Masterworks)
  6. KURTIS,ELEKTRA Bridges From The East (Self-Release)
  7. NIYAZ Fourth Light (Six Degrees)
  8. ZOMBA PRISON PROJECT I Have No Everything Here (Six Degrees)
  9. SISSOKO,BALLAKE AND SEGAL,VINCENT Musique De Nuit (Six Degrees)
  10. COLL Papertowns (Atlantic)

  1. COREA, CHICK & BELA FLECK Two (Concord Jazz, Inc.)
  2. GEORGE GEE SWING ORCHESTRA Swing Makes You Happy (Rondette)
  3. LAFURN, ELLEN C'est Lafurn (Inzane)
  5. DUNTON, KAIT Trio Kait (Real & Imagined)
  6. O'FARRILL, ARTURO / AFRO LATIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA Cuba: The Conversation Continues (Motema Music)
  7. WOOD, JULI QUARTET Synkka Metsa (Dark Forest) (Oa2)

  1. BURNS, JIMMY It Ain't Right (Delmark)
  2. SANTA, ANDY Watch Your Step (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)
  3. COLL Knickerbockers All-Stars; Go Back Home To The Blues, The (Jp Cadillac)
  4. GUY, BUDDY Born To Play Guitar (Silvertone Us)
  5. RAGPICKER STRING BAND, THE Ragpicker String Band, The (Yellow Dog)
  6. PRIMER, JOHN Muddy Waters 100 (Raisin Music)
  7. COLL It Takes Three : 3 Generations Of So. Bay Blues Harp (Greaseland)
  8. SCHERMER, MIGHTY MIKE Blues In Good Hands (Finedog)
  9. DAVIS, GUY Kokomo Kidd (M.C.)
  10. GERACI, ANTHONY & THE BOSTON BLUES ALL-STARS Fifty Shades Of Blue (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)

  1. IIIRD TYME OUT It's About Tyme (Break Even)
  2. STEEP CANYON RANGERS Radio (Rounder)
  3. FLATT LONESOME Runaway Train (Mountain Jam)
  4. DEMENT, IRIS Trackless Woods, The (Flariella)

  1. WINDHAND Grief's Infernal Flower (Relapse)
  2. REFLECTIONS Color Clear, The (Eone Music)
  3. DEAFHEAVEN New Bermuda (Anti-)
  4. COFFINS Perpetual Pennance (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
  5. WITH THE DEAD With The Dead (Rise Above)
  6. COUNTING DAYS Liberated Sounds (Mascot)
  7. WREKMEISTER HARMONIES Night Of Your Ascension (Thrill Jockey)

  1. SEIFU, MIKAEL Yarada Lij Ep (1432 R)
  2. DJ CLENT Last Bus To Lake Park (Duck N' Cover)
  3. EAST INDIA YOUTH Culture Of Volume (Xl)
  4. LICKETS, THE Dolls In Color (International Corporation)