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KZSU chart for month of June 2011

  1. KILLS, THE Blood Pressures (Domino)
  2. STARFUCKER Reptilians (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  3. RADIOHEAD King Of Limbs, The (Ticker Tape)
  4. ALPS, THE Easy Action (Mexican Summer)
  5. SCOTT-HERON, GIL AND JAMIE XX We're New Here (Xl)
  6. VIVIAN GIRLS Share The Joy (Sundazed)
  7. STROKES, THE Angles (Rca (Modern))
  8. PAPERCUTS Fading Parade (Sub Pop)
  9. THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Tunnel Blanket (Suicide Squeeze)
  10. THOSE DARLINS Screws Get Loose (Oh Wow Dang)
  11. CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Río Arriba (Zzk)
  12. DELICATE STEVE Wondervisions (Luaka Bop)
  13. SIN FANG Summer Echoes (Berlin Brands)
  14. PANDA BEAR Tomboy (Paw Tracks)
  15. UNKLE Only The Lonely (Surrender All)
  16. WHITE HILLS H-P1 (Thrill Jockey)
  17. IMPLODES Black Earth (Kranky)
  18. ORCHESTRE POLY RYTHMO Cotonou Club (Strut)
  19. CRYSTAL STILTS In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland)
  20. SLOW DANCING SOCIETY Sound Of Lights When Dim, The (Hidden Shoal)
  21. SUJO Qatada (Inam)
  22. CARLTON MELTON Country Ways (Agitated)
  23. JAILL That's How We Burn (Sub Pop)
  24. VEILS, THE Troubles Of The Brain Ep (Pitch Beast)
  25. CALVI, ANNA Anna Calvi (Domino)
  26. SHAFFER, RICK Hidden Charms (Tarock Music)
  27. SUNDRIPS Just A Glimpse (Debacle)
  28. COLL 116 & Rising (Hessle Audio)
  29. LOS CHICHARRONS Roots Of Life (Unknown)
  30. HOBO CUBES Timeless/Mindless (Debacle)
  31. KLAÜSER, DANIEL Riberalta Ep (Antartek)
  32. 3:33 333ep-1 (Parallel Thought)
  33. MENUCK, EFRIM MANUEL Plays "High Gospel" (Constellation)
  34. STELLAR OM SOURCE Trilogy Select (Olde English Spelling Bee)
  35. WATCH IT SPARKLE Rocket Surgery (Like A Shooting Star)
  36. LUYAS, THE Too Beautiful To Work (Dead Oceans)
  37. 2562 Fever (When In Doubt)
  38. DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN Ancient Of The Ancients (Moon Glyph)
  39. GARCIA, JERRY ACOUSTIC BAND Almost Acoustic (Jerry Made Live)
  40. MOLLIES, THE Yours Around The Rosies (Groundloop)
  41. GIANT CLAW Midnight Murder (Orange Milk)
  42. MEGABATS Goes To A Lemon (Debacle)
  43. MEAT PUPPETS Lollipop (Megaforce Entertainment)
  44. SLOW DANCING SOCIETY Slow And Steady Winter, The (Hidden Shoal)
  45. DENGUE FEVER Cannibal Courtship (Concord Music Group, Inc.)
  46. ABOUT GROUP Start & Complete (Domino)
  47. SANTOS, JOHN SEXTET Filosofía Caribeña, Vol. 1 (Machete)
  48. JONES, SEAN No Need For Words (Mack Avenue)
  49. MARK E Stone Breaker (Spectral Sound)
  50. SAWASAKI, YOSHIHIRO Ginjo Onsen (Ginjoha)
  52. SIR LORD VON RAVEN Please Throw Me Back In The Ocean (Happy Parts)
  53. MASCIS, J Several Shades Of Why (Sub Pop)
  54. LITTLE SCREAM Golden Record, The (Secretly Canadian)
  55. COLL Cambodian Rocks Vol. 1 (Khmer Rocks)
  56. COLL Tidal / Holographic Arts Split (Sweat Lodge Guru)
  57. HARRIS, EMMYLOU Hard Bargain (Nonesuch)
  58. FILLMORE SLIM Blues Playa's Ball, The (Mountain Top Productions)
  59. KLANG Other Doors (Allos Documents)
  60. HORSE MARRIAGE Eisenhower Interstate (Roll Over Rover)

  1. DAM Ihda' (Dedication (Redcircle Music)
  2. OFFENDUM, OMAR Syrianamericana (Cosher Ink, Llc)
  3. GANGRENE Gutter Water (Decon)
  4. ILL BILL & VINNIE PAZ Santa Sangre (Enemy Soil)
  5. KOOL G RAP $ Ova Bitches (Fat Beats)
  6. RIME FORCE MOST ILLIN? On Dope (Routine Fly)
  7. TONE SPLIFF Most Recognized (Belmont)
  8. BLU Amnesia (New World Order)
  9. BENEFICENCE King Of Knights (Ill Adrenaline)
  10. GHOSTFACE KILLAH Mighty Healthy (Peacock Remix) (East Zoo)

  1. ORCHESTRE POLY RYTHMO Cotonou Club (Strut)
  2. LOS CHICHARRONS Roots Of Life (Unknown)
  3. COLL Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia & Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962 (Sound & Vision)
  4. DAS, EKENDRA Ethnomusicology (Self-Release)
  5. COLL Reggae Promo Singles, Spring 2011 ((No Label Information))
  6. ALI, AZAM From Night To The Edge Of Day (Six Degrees)
  7. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW Cervantine (Self-Release)
  8. OFFENDUM, OMAR Syrianamericana (Cosher Ink, Llc)
  9. ATLAS, NATACHA Mounqaliba: In A State Of Reversal (Six Degrees)
  10. COLL Rough Guide Bellydance (World Music Network)

  1. SANTOS, JOHN SEXTET Filosofía Caribeña, Vol. 1 (Machete)
  2. JONES, SEAN No Need For Words (Mack Avenue)
  3. KLANG Other Doors (Allos Documents)
  4. WILLIAMS, JESSICA TRIO Freedom Trane (Origin)
  5. JONES, MELVIN Pivot (Turnaround)
  6. GILL, TANIA Bolger Station (Barnyard)
  7. DE ROSA, CARLO / CROSS-FADE Brain Dance (Cuneiform)
  8. JAMES FARM James Farm (Nonesuch)
  9. VALLON, COLIN TRIO Rruga (Ecm (Jazz))
  10. DELBECQ, BENOÎT TRIO Sixth Jump, The (Songlines)

  1. FILLMORE SLIM Blues Playa's Ball, The (Mountain Top Productions)
  2. FARRELL, RICHARD RAY I Sing The Blues Eclectic (Blue Beet)
  3. JAMES, MARION Essence (Eller Soul)
  4. COLL Chicago Blues A Living History (Raisin' Music)
  5. LEVENSON, BARRY Late Show, The (Rip Cat)
  6. PITTMAN,SHAWN Edge Of The World (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)
  7. EG KIGHT Lip Service (Vizztone Label Group)
  8. COLL Chicago Down Home Harmonica (Ol Chicago)
  9. BISHOP, ELVIN Rasin' Hell Revue (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)
  10. RUFF KUTT BLUES BAND, THE Mill Block Blues (Katy Mae Productions)

  1. GARCIA, JERRY ACOUSTIC BAND Almost Acoustic (Jerry Made Live)
  2. HARRIS, EMMYLOU Hard Bargain (Nonesuch)
  3. KRAUSS, ALISON & UNION STATION Paper Airplane (Rounder)
  4. MUTH, ZOE & THE LOST HIGH ROLLERS Starlight Hotel (Signature Sounds)
  5. LUDWICK, ROBYN Out Of These Blues (Late Show)
  6. JAROSZ, SARAH Follow Me Down (Sugar Hill)
  7. LEIGH, BRENNEN Box, The (Self-Release)
  8. MINDTE, TOM & JEREMY STEPHENS Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs (Patuxent)
  9. JUNGERS, MARK More Like A Good Dog Than A Bad Cat (American Rural)
  10. SHIRES, AMANDA Carrying Lightning (Self-Release)

  1. PENTAGRAM Last Rites (Metal Blade)
  2. GHOST TOWER Curse Of The Black Blood (Evil Coven)
  3. OFF! First Four Eps (Vice Music Inc)
  4. COLL Split: Mitochondrion / Gyibaaw (Siege Engine)
  5. DECEASED Surreal Overdose (Patac)
  6. COLL Lotus Fucker / Penis Geyser Split Ep (7") (Solar Funeral)
  7. NUCLEAR CULT Heimspiel Demo (Not Very Nice)
  8. BURMESE Lun Yurn (Ugexplode)

  1. KLAÜSER, DANIEL Riberalta Ep (Antartek)
  2. PANTHA DU PRINCE Xi Versions Of Black Noise (Rough Trade)
  3. COLL Dj Kicks - Apparat (!K7)
  4. PETER'S HOUSE MUSIC Jump (All Hands Electric)
  5. COLL Generation Bass Presents: Transnational Dubstep (Six Degrees)
  6. KRISTIN MILTNER Music For Dreaming And Playing (Asthmatic Kitty)
  7. BENOIT & SERGIO Everybody/Principles Single (Dfa)