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KZSU chart for month of February 2010

  1. MOON DUO Killing Time Ep (Sacred Bones)
  2. VITALIC Flashmob (Citizen)
  3. SUJO Columns (Tilt)
  4. LIGHTNING BOLT Earthly Delights (Load)
  5. GJOLL. Sum Of Transformations (Ant-Zen)
  6. MAGNETIC FIELDS, THE Realism (Nonesuch)
  7. VEIRS, LAURA July Flame (Raven Marching Band)
  8. VASELINES, THE Enter The Vaselines (Sub Pop)
  9. MAPS Turning The Mind (Mute)
  10. AARKTICA In Sea (Silber)
  11. COLD CAVE Love Comes Close (Matador)
  12. TEGAN AND SARA Sainthood (Sire)
  13. COLL Jazz Around The World (Putumayo World Music)
  14. MOS DEF Ecstatic, The ((No Label Information))
  15. COLL Dj Spooky - Sound Unbound Audio Companion (Sub Rosa)
  16. TRULLIE, LISSY Self-Taught Learner (Downtown)
  17. CORNER LAUGHERS, THE Ultraviolet Garden (Popover Corps)
  18. FENNESZ Transition 7" (Touch 7)
  19. KK RAMPAGE Special Friends (Rampage)
  20. JAGUAR LOVE Hologram Jams Promo Ep (Fat Possum)
  21. COLL Crazy Heart (New West)
  22. GRUPO FANTASMA Sonidos Gold (Self-Release)
  23. NO AGE Losing Feeling (Sub Pop)
  24. FUCK BUTTONS Tarot Sport (Atp)
  25. ANDREWS, JILL Jill Andrews (Liam)
  26. GOSSIP Music For Men (Sony Bmg Music Entertainment)
  27. COLL Language Of Light / Cortez Split 12" (Anticlock)
  28. DADI Bem Aqui (Sunnyside Communications)
  29. LEWIS, LAURIE Blossoms (Spruce & Maple Music)
  30. DDR Meinhof (Slusaj Najglasnije!)
  31. CORPORATE WHORES, THE Voodoo Economics (Disillusion Music)
  32. VIOSAC Rustypile ((No Label Information))
  33. MUSIC GO MUSIC Expressions (Secretly Canadian)
  34. WELCH, MATTHEW Luminosity (Porter)
  35. WAUMISS Waumiss (Odessa)
  36. DORONCOGUMO Old Punks (Self-Release)
  37. BROTHER ALI Us (Rhymesayers Ent)
  38. HIGH COUNTRY Perfect Companions (Squirty)
  39. EL JESUS DE MAGICO Scalping The Guru (Columbus Discount)
  40. COLL Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer (Mojo Brand)
  41. LEAKE, JERRY Cubist: Shapes Of Sound And Time (Rhombus)
  42. PT & THE DOPES First + Road To Slatina, The (Slusaj Najglasnije!)
  43. COLL Appalachian Fiddle Breakdown (Rural Rhythm)
  44. APE SCHOOL Ape School (Counter)
  45. PORTLAND CELLO PROJECT Thao And Justin Power Sessions, The (Kill Rock Stars)
  46. COUGAR Patriot (Counter)
  47. REVEREND HORTON HEAT, THE Laughin' & Cryin' (Yep Roc)
  48. WILLIAM BLAKES, THE Wayne Coyne (Last Gang)
  49. LYMBYC SYSTEM Shutter Release (Mush)
  50. IOT Love Songs (Forty-Seven)
  51. YAKUZA HEART ATTACK Yakuza Heart Attack Ii (Squid's Eye)
  52. ARASTOO & AEMAE Ostrakon (Isounderscore)
  53. SPYRALS, THE Spyrals, The (Self-Release)
  54. VAMPIRE WEEKEND Contra (Xl)
  55. SMALL SUR We Live In Houses Made Of Wood (Tender Loving Empire)
  56. DEAD WEATHER, THE Horehound (Third Man)
  57. BOWSHER, PATRICK Pyramid Lake (Self-Release)
  58. MAKE ME House Of Brakes (Self-Release)
  59. DJABATE, KIMI Karam (Cumbancha)
  60. ROYAL BANGS Let It Beep (Audio Eagle)

  1. MOS DEF Ecstatic, The ((No Label Information))
  2. BROTHER ALI Us (Rhymesayers Ent)
  3. CROWN CITY ROCKERS Day After Forever, The (Gold Dust Media)
  4. NOMAK Calm (Huge Soul)
  5. PRESTO State Of The Art (Concrete Marketing)
  6. JENDOR Gourmet Classics (Lifejacket)
  7. BLUE SCHOLARS Oof (Duck Down)
  8. SLUG & MURS Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (Rhymesayers Ent)
  9. BUMPS Bumps (Stones Throw)
  10. THEMSELVES Crownsdown (Anticon)

  1. COLL Jazz Around The World (Putumayo World Music)
  2. GRUPO FANTASMA Sonidos Gold (Self-Release)
  3. DADI Bem Aqui (Sunnyside Communications)
  4. COLL Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer (Mojo Brand)
  5. LEAKE, JERRY Cubist: Shapes Of Sound And Time (Rhombus)
  6. DJABATE, KIMI Karam (Cumbancha)
  7. LOS CENZONTLES/DAVID HIDALGO/TAJ MAHAL American Horizon (Self-Release)
  8. AUDIOPHARMACY U Forgot About Us (Self-Release)
  9. FUENTES, RUMEL Corridos Of The Chicano Movement (Arhoolie)
  10. SIZZLA Crucial Times (Greensleeves Ltd.)

  1. EDMONSON, KAT Take To The Sky (Convivium)
  2. GO-GO FIGHTMASTER Sound 1 (Edgetone)
  3. HALL, DANA Into The Light (Origin)
  4. YAMAMOTO, ERI TRIO In Each Day, Something Good (Aum Fidelity)
  5. CLARINET THING Cry, Want (Bc)
  6. COKE / MARSH / FELD It's Possible (Self-Release)
  7. SHELTON, ARAM / FAST CITIZENS Two Cities (Delmark)
  8. GRANELLI, JERRY V16 Vancouver '08 (Songlines)
  9. ABBASI, REZ Things To Come (Sunnyside Communications)
  10. CREPUSCULE TRIO Unveil (Circumvention Music)

  1. SUPER CHICKAN Chikadelic (Bluestown)
  2. ADAMS, ARTHUR Stomp The Floor (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)
  3. SMILIN' BOB & HIDDEN CHARMS Big Legged Woman (Wolf)
  4. HADDIX, TRAVIS "MOONCHILD" If I'm One, You're One Too (Benevolent Blues)
  5. ODEN, HENRY You're Wrong For That ! (Cp Time Music)
  6. LIPSCOMB, MANCE Best Of Mance Lipscomb, The (Arhoolie)
  7. KENNEDY, HARRISON One Dog Barkin' (Electro-Fi)
  8. JONES, TUTU Inside Out (Jones, Tutu)
  9. TAIL DRAGGER Live At Rooster's Lounge (Delmark)
  10. MCLERRAN, LITTLE JOE Believe I'll Make A Change (Root Blues Reborn)

  1. COLL Crazy Heart (New West)
  2. LEWIS, LAURIE Blossoms (Spruce & Maple Music)
  3. HIGH COUNTRY Perfect Companions (Squirty)
  4. COLL Appalachian Fiddle Breakdown (Rural Rhythm)
  5. MERRIAM, BUDDY Back Roads Mandolin (Lily Pad)
  6. HUBBARD, RAY WYLIE A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Bordello)
  7. COLL Freight Train Boogie 2 (Jackalope)
  8. JOY KILLS SORROW Darkness Sure Becomes This City (Signature Sounds)
  9. STANLEY, RALPH & THE CLINCH MOUNTAIN BOYS Can't You Here The Mountains Calling (Rounder)
  10. TAMPA, JUDY & BUNKO SQUAD Tainted (Media Rite)

  1. MURDERESS Murderess (Tomorrow Belongs To Us)
  2. LANDMINE MARATHON Rusted Eyes Awake (Prosthetic)
  3. BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE A Voice From The Horns Of The Golden Altar (Transcendental Creation)
  4. LA VIEJA GUARDIA La Vieja Guardia (I Scream)
  5. GOATWHORE Carving Out The Eyes Of God (Metal Blade)
  6. BLACK BREATH Razor To Oblivion (Southern Lord)
  7. IT'S CASUAL Buicregl (Friendly Hills)
  8. COLL Four Burials (Battle Kommand)
  9. LUGUBRUM De Ware Hond (Old Grey Hair)
  10. COLL Vegas/Moutheater - Split 7" (Thrashed!)

  1. VITALIC Flashmob (Citizen)
  2. DEADMAU5 Dr Funkenstein Remixes (Play)
  3. FELIPE, DINO No Fun Demo (No Fun Productions)