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KZSU chart for month of November 2003

  1. KID KOALA Some of My Best Friends Are Dj (Ninja Tune)
  2. HUSBANDS, THE Introducing the Husbands (Swami)
  3. PARTS AND LABOR Groundswell (Jmz)
  4. ANNA OXYGEN All Your Faded Things (Cold Crush)
  5. BONOBO Dial M for Monkey (Ninja Tune)
  6. COLL Bay Area Funk (Luv 'n' Haight)
  7. MATMOS Civil War, the (Matador)
  8. US MAPLE Purple on Time. (Drag City)
  9. MC LARS HORRIS Radio Pet Fencing (Truck)
  10. PEST Necessary Measures (Ninja Tune)
  11. CLUE TO KALO Come Here When You Sleepwalk (Mush)
  12. BOZULICH, CARLA Red Headed Stranger (Dicristina Star Builders)
  13. COLL All Tomorrow's Parties (Atp)
  14. MASS, THE Mass, the (Whole Enchilada)
  15. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Truly She Is None Other (Damaged Goods)
  16. BAT MAKUMBA Bat Makumba (Self-Release)
  17. SIMONE, NINA Anthology (Rca Victor/Bmg)
  18. COLL Bulb Singles #2 (Bulb)
  19. BARDO POND On the Ellipse (Atp)
  20. RAVEONETTES, THE Chain Gang of Love (Sony Music)
  21. COLL Lost in Translation (Emperor Norton)
  22. TYRADES Tyrades (Broken Rekids)
  23. COLL Document 2: Andy Smith (Illicit)
  25. DOSH Dosh (Anticon)
  26. GIBBONS, BETH & RUSTIN MAN Out of Season (Sanctuary)
  27. VON BONDIES, THE Raw and Rare (Dim Mak)
  28. COLL World 2003 (Narada)
  29. BRAXTON, TYONDAI History that Has no Effect (Jmz)
  30. FORCEFIELD Lord of the Rings Modulator (Bulb)
  31. BUCKLEY, JEFF Live at Sin-E (Columbia)
  32. ORTON, BETH Other Side of Daybreak, the (Astralwerks)
  33. MATES OF STATE Team Boo (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  34. DE SOUZA, ROSALIA Garota Moderna (Avatar)
  35. RATKJE, MAJA Voice (Rune Grammofon)
  36. FROM MONUMENT TO MASSES Impossible Leap in 100 Si, the (Dim Mak)
  37. YOUNG SEXY ASSASSINS May Day in the Garden of Memor (Mister)
  38. KILL ME TOMORROW Skin's Getting Weird (Gold Standard Laboratorie)
  39. STARK REALITY Now (Stones Throw)
  40. QUAILS, THE Song Is Love, the (Mr Lady & Videos)
  41. DRESSY BESSY Dressy Bessy (Kindercore)
  42. CURTAINS, THE Flybys (Thin Wrist)
  43. HELLA Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas (Narnack)
  44. SHINS, THE Chutes Too Narrow (Sub Pop)
  45. BEMBEYA JAZZ Bembeya (World Village)
  46. PEACHES Fatherfucker (Kitty Yo)
  47. SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER Olden (Jetset)
  48. LES GEORGES LENINGRAD Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou (Blow the Fuse)
  49. MICHAEL YONKERS BAND Microminiature Love (Sub Pop)
  50. BALIARDO, TONINO Tonino Baliardo (Nonesuch)
  51. MAGIC BAND, THE Back to the Front (Atp)
  52. STEWART, TOMMY Tommy Stewart (Luv 'n' Haight)
  53. BLACK MOON Stay Real 12" (Duck Down)
  54. SOUL POSITION Jerry Springer Episode 12" (Rhymesayers Ent)
  55. HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN Continental Stomp (Hightone)
  56. HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE Edwards's Lament! (Neurot)
  57. BONE Uses Wrist Grab (Cuneiform)
  58. EX MODELS Zoo Psychology (Frenchkiss)
  59. MARLEY, BOB & THE WAILERS African Herbsman (Trojan)
  60. HO AG Equals Go at (Mister)

  1. MC LARS HORRIS Radio Pet Fencing (Truck)
  2. BLACK MOON Stay Real 12" (Duck Down)
  3. SOUL POSITION Jerry Springer Episode 12" (Rhymesayers Ent)
  5. DIVERSE Explosive 12" (Chocolate Industries)
  6. HIEROGLYPHICS Powers that Be 12" (Hieroglyphics Imperium)
  7. PROZACK TURNER Feelin My Steelo 12" (Fat Beats)
  8. THEMSELVES No Music of Aiffs, the (Anticon)
  9. TRINITY Trinity 12" (Soundink)
  10. DJ ZEPH Floor Wax 12" (Wide Hive)

  1. BAT MAKUMBA Bat Makumba (Self-Release)
  2. COLL World 2003 (Narada)
  3. DE SOUZA, ROSALIA Garota Moderna (Avatar)
  4. BEMBEYA JAZZ Bembeya (World Village)
  5. BALIARDO, TONINO Tonino Baliardo (Nonesuch)
  6. MARLEY, BOB & THE WAILERS African Herbsman (Trojan)
  7. CARRION, ANGEL Sonidos Urbanos (Atlas)
  8. COLL Dreamland (Putumayo World Music)
  9. SANCHEZ, PONCHO Out of Sight! (Concord)
  10. DAUDE Neguinha Te Amo (Realworld)

  1. SIMONE, NINA Anthology (Rca Victor/Bmg)
  2. GALE, EDDIE Black Rhythm Happening (Water)
  3. OCHS, LARRY/SAX AND DRUMMING CORE Neon Truth, the (Black Saint)
  4. HILL, ANDREW Passing Ships (Blue Note)
  5. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO Meeting, the (Pi)
  6. BERNE, TIM/SCIENCE FRICTION Sublime And, the (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  7. BLUE SERIES CONTINUUM, THE Goodandevil Sessions (Thirsty Ear)
  8. GALE, EDDIE Ghetto Music (Water)
  9. SHAPIRO, PAUL Midnight Minyan (Tzadik)
  10. SOSA, OMAR Ayaguna (Ota)

  1. COLL Lomax, Alan Blues Songbook (El Cerrito)
  2. BURNS, JIMMY Back to the Delta (Delmark)
  3. DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS Diamond Jubilation (Rounder)
  4. BRUSO, NORA JEAN Sings the Blues (Red Hurricane)
  5. BARRELHOUSE CHUCK Salute to Sunnyland Slim (Blue Loon)
  6. JOHNNY B. MOORE Rockin' in the Same Old Boat (Delmark)
  7. COLL Feel Like Going Home (Columbia Legacy)
  8. MOSS, JOE Monster Love (212)
  9. TAYLOR, GENE Gene Taylor (Pacific Blues)
  10. HARMAN, JAMES Lonesome Moon Trance (Pacific Blues)

  1. HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN Continental Stomp (Hightone)
  2. PETERSON, DAVID & 1946 Howling Blue Winds, the (Self-Release)
  3. MOTHER TRUCKERS, THE Something Worth Dying for (Little Star Productions)
  4. PISTILLI, GENE I Still Get Dressed on Sunday (Memphis International)
  5. SHEA, RICK & PATTY BOOKER Our Shangri-La (Tres Pescadores)
  6. COLL White Dove (Rounder)
  7. FLORES, BOBBY Just for the Record (Yellow Rose Productions)
  8. LILLY, JOHN Last Chance to Dance (Self-Release)
  9. JACKSON, WANDA Heart Trouble (Cmh)
  10. RED STICK RAMBLERS Bring It on Down (Memphis International)

  1. HELLA Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas (Narnack)
  2. LOCUST, THE Plague Soundscapes (Anti-)
  3. BURNT BY THE SUN Perfect Is the Enemy of Th, th (Relapse)
  4. MISERY INDEX Retaliate (Nuclear Blast)
  5. FEEDERZ Teachers in Space (Broken Rekids)
  6. DIMMU BORGIR Death Cult Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)
  7. FU MANCHU Go for It...Live! (Steamhammer)
  8. ATOM SMASHERS Drop the Bomb (Rip Off)
  9. BURST Prey on Life (Relapse)
  10. GUYANA PUNCH LINE Direkt Aktion (Prank)

  1. BONOBO Dial M for Monkey (Ninja Tune)
  2. PEST Necessary Measures (Ninja Tune)
  3. CLUE TO KALO Come Here When You Sleepwalk (Mush)
  4. COLL Document 2: Andy Smith (Illicit)
  5. DE SOUZA, ROSALIA Garota Moderna (Avatar)
  6. KRAFTWERK Tour De France Soundtracks (Astralwerks)
  7. BENT Everlasting Blink, the (Guidance)
  8. OBMAR, TIKI High School Confidential (Merck)
  9. T.RAUMSCHMIERE Radio Blackout (Novamute (Domestic))
  10. COLL Journeys By Dj - Matar (Journeys By Dj)