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KZSU Top 100 for the year 2003

  1. DEERHOOF Apple-O (Kill Rock Stars)
  2. SENOR COCONUT Fiesta Songs (Emperor Norton)
  3. CALEXICO Feast of Wire (Quarterstick)
  4. COLL Mr. G's Texas Funk (Jazzman)
  5. EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITT, THE Plagiarythm Nation (Seeland)
  6. BOARDS OF CANADA Twoism (Warp)
  7. COLL Black & Proud Vol 2 (Trikont)
  8. COLL Inner City Sounds (Ubiquity)
  9. BONOBO Dial M for Monkey (Ninja Tune)
  10. KID KOALA Some of My Best Friends Are Dj (Ninja Tune)
  11. COLL Up From the Vaults (Soul Fire)
  12. COLL Illegal Art (Illegal Art)
  13. MANDELL, ELENI Country for True Lovers (Zedtone)
  14. GLASS CANDY Love Love Love (Troubleman Unlimited)
  15. COLL Lost in Translation (Emperor Norton)
  16. COLL Adbusters Live Without (Adbusters)
  17. WOBBLY/PEOPLE LIKE US/MATMOS Wide Open Spaces (Tigerbeat 6)
  18. COLL Document 2: Andy Smith (Illicit)
  19. CAT POWER You Are Free (Matador)
  20. DELGADOS, THE Hate (Mantra/Beggers Banquet)
  21. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Electric Version (Matador)
  22. HELLA Bitches Aint Shit but Good Peo (Suicide Squeeze)
  23. LEECHES, THE Suck (British Medical)
  24. SAHARA HOTNIGHTS Keep Up the Speed (Jetset)
  25. ADULT. Anxiety Always (Ersatz Audio)
  26. SHESUS Loves You...Loves You not (Narnack)
  27. LOST SOUNDS Demos Ii (On/On Switch)
  28. YANKOVIC, "WEIRD AL" Poodle Hat (Volcano Entertainment)
  29. HUSBANDS, THE Introducing the Husbands (Swami)
  30. LADDIO BOLOCKO Life and Times of Laddio B, th (No Quarter)
  31. COLL Songs in the Key of Z (Gammon)
  32. FOUR TET Rounds (Domino)
  33. PARTS AND LABOR Groundswell (Jmz)
  34. RAY'S VAST BASEMENT By a River Burning Blue (Rays Vast Basement)
  35. COLL Bay Area Funk (Luv 'n' Haight)
  36. ZOHAR Onethreeseven (Mondo Melodia)
  37. LIGHTNING BOLT Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
  38. POSS, ROBERT Distortion Is Truth (Trace Elements)
  39. MOGWAI Happy Songs for Happy People (Matador)
  40. CHOMSKY, NOAM New War on Terrorism, the (Alternative Tentacles)
  41. COLL Scratch Attack Vol 2 (Hip Hop Slam)
  42. THROWING MUSES Throwing Muses (4AD)
  43. MALKMUS, STEPHEN & THE JINKS Pig Lib (Matador)
  44. LOG, BOB III Log Bomb (Fat Possum)
  45. CONDOR A Big One (Narnack)
  46. NUMBERS Ee-Uh! (Troubleman Unlimited)
  47. COLL As Far As: Cheb I Sabb (Six Degrees)
  48. COLL Traveler '03 (Six Degrees)
  49. CIBELLE Cibelle (Six Degrees)
  50. COLL Black Motion Picture Experience ((Unknown))
  51. VANISHING, THE Songs for Psychotic Children (Gold Standard Laboratorie)
  52. COLL World 2003 (Narada)
  53. BARDO POND On the Ellipse (Atp)
  54. MC LARS HORRIS Radio Pet Fencing (Truck)
  55. HOWLIN' WOLF London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (Mca)
  56. COLL Viva Cubop 3 (Cubop)
  57. GOTAN PROJECT La Revancha Del Tango (Xl)
  58. NEON HUNK Smarmy Mob (Load)
  59. WARD, M. Transfiguration of Vincent (Merge)
  60. SWIRLIES, THE Cats of the Wild Volume Two (Bubble Core)
  61. MADLIB Shades of Blue (Blue Note)
  62. CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, THE Man with the Movie Camera (Ninja Tune)
  63. KILL ME TOMORROW Skin's Getting Weird (Gold Standard Laboratorie)
  64. PEACHES Fatherfucker (Kitty Yo)
  65. ANNA OXYGEN All Your Faded Things (Cold Crush)
  66. LES YEUX NOIRS Live (World Village)
  67. COLL African Groove (Putumayo World Music)
  68. CONTE, PAOLO Reveries (Nonesuch)
  69. BLACK KEYS, THE Thickfreakness (Fat Possum)
  70. BLACK EYES Black Eyes (Dischord)
  71. TINDERSTICKS Waiting for the Moon (Beggars Banquet)
  72. COMETS ON FIRE Comets on Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
  73. COLL Azadi! (Fire Museum)
  74. NAYSAYER, THE Pure Beauty (Carrot Top)
  75. SINGAPORE SLING Curse of Singapore Sling, the (Stinky)
  76. SLIM HARPO Excello Singles Anthology (Hip-O)
  77. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Truly She Is None Other (Damaged Goods)
  78. SHIPP, MATTHEW Equilibrium (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  79. COLL Euro Lounge (Putumayo World Music)
  80. COLL Under the Influence (Six Degrees)
  81. MC HONKEY I Am the Messiah (Spinart)
  82. SUBARACHNOID SPACE Also Rising (Strange Attractors Audio)
  83. GO-GO FIGHTMASTER Go-Go Fightmaster (Pax)
  84. COLL Amoeba Music Vol 4 (Hip Hop Slam)
  85. EX MODELS Zoo Psychology (Frenchkiss)
  86. DENGUE FEVER Dengue Fever (Web of Mimicry)
  87. MATES OF STATE Team Boo (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  88. BANCO DE GAIA 10 Years (Six Degrees)
  89. COLL Can't Stop It! (Chapter)
  90. SEA AND CAKE, THE One Bedroom (Thrill Jockey)
  91. COODER, RY & MANUEL GALBAN Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch)
  92. XIU XIU A Promise (5 Rue Christine)
  93. SMOG Supper (Drag City)
  94. MURS End of the Beginning, the (Def Jux)
  95. BUCKLEY, JEFF Live at Sin-E (Columbia)
  96. STINKING LIZAVETA Iii (Tolotta)
  97. RADIO ZUMBIDO Los Ultimos Dias Del Am (Palm Pictures)
  98. FLUNK For Sleepyheads Only (Guidance)
  99. DJ VADIM U.S.S.R. (Ninja Tune)
  100. DRONES, THE Here Come the Lies (Spooky Australia)

  1. COLL Scratch Attack Vol 2 (Hip Hop Slam)
  2. MC LARS HORRIS Radio Pet Fencing (Truck)
  3. MADLIB Shades of Blue (Blue Note)
  4. COLL Under the Influence (Six Degrees)
  5. MURS End of the Beginning, the (Def Jux)
  6. DJ VADIM U.S.S.R. (Ninja Tune)
  7. GZA/GENIUS Legend of the Liquid Sword (Mca (Hip-Hop))
  8. COUNT BASS D Dwight Spitz 12" (High Times)
  9. TIME MACHINE Personal Ads 12" (Glow in the Dark)
  10. HI FIDEL + DJ CRCIAL Madiera 2 12" (F5)
  11. JAYLIB Red, the 12" (Stones Throw)
  12. DOPESTYLE 1231 Size Double D 12" (Threshold)
  13. RJD2 Horror, the 12" (Def Jux)
  14. ZION I Cheeba Cheeba 12" (Raptivism)
  15. KERO Check the Blueprints 12" (Plug Label)
  16. DIVERSE Explosive 12" (Chocolate Industries)
  17. OBSCURE DISORDER Grill, the 12" (Audio Research)
  18. BOOM BAP PROJECT Trade Remix, the 12" (Stuck)
  19. RJD2 Horror, the 12" (Def Jux)
  20. PROZACK TURNER Restaurant Quality Lemonade 12" (Dreamworks)
  21. BLACK MOON Rush 12" (Duck Down)
  22. COLL Urban Renewal Program (Chocolate Industries)
  23. T LOVE Long Way Back (Astralwerks)
  24. TRIPLE THREAT Hit Em Off 12" (Fat Beats)
  25. AKROBATIK Balance (Coup D'etat)
  26. VARIOUS BLENDS Pick Up, the 12" (No Mayo)
  27. SOUL POSITION Jerry Springer Episode 12" (Rhymesayers Ent)
  28. REUBEN, JOHN Hindsight 12" (Gotee)
  29. FOREIGN LEGION Voodoo Star 12" (Look)
  30. SOULS OF MICHIEF Spark 12" (Chocolate Industries)

  1. ZOHAR Onethreeseven (Mondo Melodia)
  2. COLL As Far As: Cheb I Sabb (Six Degrees)
  3. COLL Traveler '03 (Six Degrees)
  4. CIBELLE Cibelle (Six Degrees)
  5. COLL World 2003 (Narada)
  6. COLL Viva Cubop 3 (Cubop)
  7. GOTAN PROJECT La Revancha Del Tango (Xl)
  8. LES YEUX NOIRS Live (World Village)
  9. COLL African Groove (Putumayo World Music)
  10. CONTE, PAOLO Reveries (Nonesuch)
  11. COLL Euro Lounge (Putumayo World Music)
  12. COODER, RY & MANUEL GALBAN Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch)
  13. RADIO ZUMBIDO Los Ultimos Dias Del Am (Palm Pictures)
  14. KARDES TURKULER Hemavaz (Kalan Muzik)
  15. RADIO MUNDIAL La Raiz (Palm Pictures, Inc.)
  16. COLL World Beat Stage 2002 (Unknown)
  17. COLL Rough Guide France (World Music Network)
  18. COLL Salsa Around the World (Putumayo World Music)
  19. COLL Drop the Debt (World Village)
  20. COLL African Express (Shakti)
  21. RAMZY,HOSSAM & RAFA EL TACHUEA Flamenco Arabe (Arc Music Inc.)
  22. COLL Rough Guide Canada (World Music Network)
  23. COLL Unwired Europe (World Music Network)
  24. LES YEUX NOIRS Balamouk (World Village)
  25. MORELENBAUM/SAKAMOTO A Day in New York (Sony Classical)
  26. LATIN PROJECT, THE Nueva Musica (Electric Monkey)
  27. BAT MAKUMBA Bat Makumba (Self-Release)
  28. MA, YO-YO Obrigado Brazil (Sony Classical)
  29. GABIN Gabin (Astralwerks)
  30. COLL Ethiopiques 10 (Buda Musique)

  1. SHIPP, MATTHEW Equilibrium (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  2. GO-GO FIGHTMASTER Go-Go Fightmaster (Pax)
  3. DRURY, ANDREW A Momentary Lapse (Innova)
  4. PARKER, WILLIAM VIOLIN TRIO Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  5. PACHORA Astereotypical (Winter & Winter)
  6. CUNNINGHAM, DON Something for Everyone (Luv 'n' Haight)
  7. JENSSON, HILMAR Tyft (Songlines)
  8. DOUGLAS, DAVE Freak in (Bluebird)
  9. BROTZMANN/PARKER/DRAKE Never Too Late but Always ... (Eremite)
  10. COLL Visionfest: Vision Liv (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  11. COLL Latin Jazz: La Combina (Smithsonian/Folkways)
  12. GYPSY SWING Nashville Tribute to Django Re (Cmh)
  13. AMENDOLA, SCOTT BAND Cry (Cryptogramophone)
  14. BENDIAN/GAUTHIER/LIEBIG/STINSO Bone Structure (Cryptogramophone)
  15. SIMONE, NINA Anthology (Rca Victor/Bmg)
  16. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO Tribute to Lester (Ecm (Jazz))
  17. O'CONNOR, MARK-HOT SWING TRIO In Full Swing (Odyssey)
  18. MCWAIN, ANDY QUARTET Starfish (Fuller Street Music)
  19. GOOD FOR COWS Good for Cows (Evander Music)
  20. SPRING HEEL JACK Live (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  21. HAPPY APPLE Youth Oriented (Nato)
  22. JAGA JAZZIST A Livingroom Hush (Smalltown Supersound)
  24. LANE, ADAM QUARTET Fo(U)R Being(S) (Cimp)
  25. COLE, BILL/UNTEMPERED ENSEMBLE Seasoning the Greens (Boxholder)
  26. SCHULLER, GEORGE & SCHULLDOGS Hellbent (Playscape)
  27. AOKI/HUNSINGER/JARMAN Trio (Melungeon)
  28. LIGHTCAP, CHRIS QUARTET Big Mouth (Fresh Sound New Talent)
  29. FRIEDLANDER, ERIK Quake (Cryptogramophone)
  30. GUNNLAUGS, SUNNA QUARTET Live in Europe (Sunny Sky)

  1. HOWLIN' WOLF London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (Mca)
  2. SLIM HARPO Excello Singles Anthology (Hip-O)
  3. SHINES, JOHNNY Skull & Crossbones Blues (Hightone)
  4. BURNSIDE, R.L. R.L. Burnside's 1ST Recordings (Fat Possum)
  5. BIG BONES So Low ((Unknown))
  6. BURNSIDE, R.L. Heritage of the Blues (Hightone)
  7. JAMES, ETTA Let's Roll (Private Music)
  8. GUY, BUDDY Blues Singer (Silvertone Us)
  9. KING, ALBERT Talkin' Blues (Thirsty Ear Communication)
  10. HEMPHILL, JESSE MAE Shake It Baby (Hightone)
  11. COLL Rough Guide/Chicago (World Music Network)
  12. BLU LU, WEE BEA & BABY DEE Don't You Feel My Leg (Delmark)
  13. LIGHTNIN' SLIM I'm Evil: Rare and Unissued Ex (Excello)
  14. COLL Upside"N"Down Tight (Electro-Fi)
  15. COLL West Coast Down Home H (El Segundo)
  16. BLACKWELL, OTIS Daddy Rollin' Stone (Blue City)
  17. COLL Blues in the Mississip (Rounder)
  18. COLL Blues From Up the (Delmark)
  19. VINSON, EDDIE & ADDERLEY QUINT Cleanhead & Cannonball (Milestone)
  20. COLL M.C.Records the Best (M.C.)
  21. BRAMHALL,DOYLE Fitchburg Street (Yep Roc)
  22. BLAND, BOBBY Blues at Midnight (Malaco)
  23. BALL, MARCIA So Many Rivers (Alligator)
  24. MOSS, NICK & THE FLIP-TOPS Count Your Blessings (Blue Bella)
  25. CHENIER, CLIFTON King of Zydeco & Louisiana (Arhoolie)
  26. COLL Lomax, Alan Popular Songbook (El Cerrito)
  27. CAMPBELL, LAMAR & SPIRIT OF PR Praise Collection, the (Emi Christian Music Group)
  28. BLUE EYED DEVILS, THE Legend of Shorty Brown, the (Mountain View)
  29. PRIDE, LOU Memphis / El Paso Sess 1970-73 (Severn)
  30. MCSHANN, JAY Goin' to Kansas City (Stony Plain)

  1. PINE VALLEY COSMONAUTS, THE Executioners Last Songs #2 & 3 (Bloodshot)
  2. DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Decoration Day (New West)
  3. COLL Saturday Night Hay Fev (Skipping Discs)
  4. COLL Making Singles Drinkin (Bloodshot)
  5. HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN Continental Stomp (Hightone)
  6. ELY, JOE Streets of Sin (Rounder)
  7. GRISMAN, DAVID Life of Sorrow (Acoustic Disc)
  8. LEE, CARI & THE SADDLE-ITES Road Less Traveled, the (El Toro)
  9. HANCOCK, WAYNE Swing Time (Bloodshot)
  10. YOAKAM, DWIGHT Population Me (Audium)
  11. BUSH, SAM & DAVID GRISMAN Hold on We're Strummin (Acoustic Disc)
  12. TAYLOR, CHIP & CARRIE RODRIGUEZ Trouble with Humans, the (Lone Star)
  13. WHITE HOUSE White House (Pinecastle)
  14. MOTHER TRUCKERS, THE Something Worth Dying for (Little Star Productions)
  15. PETERSON, DAVID & 1946 Howling Blue Winds, the (Self-Release)
  16. RAUHOUSE, JON Steel Guitar Air Show (Bloodshot)
  17. NELSON, WILLIE Crazy: the Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill)
  18. KIRCHEN, BILL Dieselbilly Road Trip (Cracker Barrel)
  19. WAYBACKS, THE Way Live (Fiddling Cricket Music)
  20. CROOKED JADES, THE Unfortunate Rake, the Vol. 2 (Copper Creek)
  21. O'BRIEN, TIM Traveler (Sugar Hill)
  22. COLL Flowers In The Wildwood (Trikont)
  23. BOOTCUTS, THE In the Comfort of Your Own Hom (Self-Release)
  24. LOVE, SALLY & GARY FERGUSON Our Old Home (Eureka)
  25. HOWARD, RANDY I Rest My Case (Sugar Hill)
  26. RUSSELL, TOM Modern Art (Hightone)
  27. ELLIOTT, RONNY Hep (Blue Heart)
  28. HEYBALE Continentalive (Self-Release)
  29. JOHNSON, MARK & EMORY LESTER Acoustic Campaign (Bangtown)
  30. YOAKAM, DWIGHT Reprise Please Baby #4 (Rhino)

  1. STINKING LIZAVETA Iii (Tolotta)
  2. RIOT-A-GO-GO Radio Calisthenics (Independent)
  3. MELT-BANANA Cell-Scape (A-Zap)
  4. FEEDERZ Vandalism: Beautiful As... (Broken Rekids)
  5. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Syl (Century Media)
  6. FEEDERZ Ever Feel Like Killing Your Bo (Broken)
  7. JFA We Know You Suck (Alternative Tentacles)
  8. KALIBAS Product of Hard Living (Willowtip)
  9. ZERO TOLERANCE TASK FORCE Punk Rockery (Purple Hero Distributors)
  10. COLL Kalibas/Rune (Relapse)
  11. FUTURES, THE Dirty Works: 1997-2001 (Jerk Off)
  12. TRAMPS, THE Tramps, the (Broken Rekids)
  13. BENUMB By Means of Upheaval (Relapse)
  14. DYSRHYTHMIA Pretest (Relapse)
  15. NAPALM DEATH Order of the Leech (Spitfire)
  16. ASESINO Corridos De Muerte (Kool Arrow)
  17. LOCUST, THE Plague Soundscapes (Anti-)
  18. MINDFLAYER Take Your Skin Off (Bulb)
  19. TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-79 (Swami)
  20. HELLA Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas (Narnack)
  21. COLL 2 Turds and a Golfball (Hollow Bunny)
  22. BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL Earth and Sphere (Life Force)
  23. RYE COALITION Jersey Girls (Tiger Style)
  24. VOIVOD Voivod (Chop House)
  25. MELVINS, THE 26 Songs (Ipecac)
  26. BOTTLES AND SKULLS Born in a Black Light (Sickroom)
  27. PINK AND BROWN Shame Fantasy Ii (Load)
  28. LAMB OF GOD As the Palaces Burn (Prosthetic)
  29. WALL OF SLEEP Overlook the All (Psychedoomelic)
  30. NIGEL PEPPER COCK New Way, the (Life Is Abuse)

  1. BOARDS OF CANADA Twoism (Warp)
  2. BONOBO Dial M for Monkey (Ninja Tune)
  3. COLL Document 2: Andy Smith (Illicit)
  4. COLL As Far As: Cheb I Sabb (Six Degrees)
  5. COLL African Groove (Putumayo World Music)
  6. COLL Euro Lounge (Putumayo World Music)
  7. BANCO DE GAIA 10 Years (Six Degrees)
  8. RADIO ZUMBIDO Los Ultimos Dias Del Am (Palm Pictures)
  9. FLUNK For Sleepyheads Only (Guidance)
  10. COLL Aphex Twin - 26 Mixes (Warp)
  11. COLL Torch (Six Degrees)
  12. COLL Brazil Remixed (Groove Gravy)
  13. PEST Necessary Measures (Ninja Tune)
  14. KRAFTWERK Tour De France Soundtracks (Astralwerks)
  15. COLL African Express (Shakti)
  16. ECHOSTAR Sola (Shadow)
  17. COLL Hi:Fidelity Lounge V.4 (Guidance)
  18. MOCHIPET Randbient Works 2002 (Btrendy)
  19. COLL Requiem For A Dream Remixed (Thrive)
  20. COLL Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml (Important)
  21. COLL Journeys By Dj - Matar (Journeys By Dj)
  22. CLUE TO KALO Come Here When You Sleepwalk (Mush)
  23. MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO Ruok? (Lakeshore)
  24. GABIN Gabin (Astralwerks)
  25. ZONGAMIN Zongamin (Xl)
  26. DELETIST, THE Deletist, the (Entarte Kunst)
  27. ILS Soul Trader (Myutopia)
  28. ANANDA PROJECT Morning Light (Nite Grooves/King St.)
  29. BENT Everlasting Blink, the (Guidance)
  30. COLL Dancing Machine: Erase Errata Remix Record (Troubleman Unlimited)

  1. EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITT, THE Plagiarythm Nation (Seeland)
  2. WOBBLY/PEOPLE LIKE US/MATMOS Wide Open Spaces (Tigerbeat 6)
  3. PEST Necessary Measures (Ninja Tune)
  4. TORTURE TONES Discontinued (None)
  5. MOCHIPET Randbient Works 2002 (Btrendy)
  7. COLL Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml (Important)
  8. DELETIST, THE Deletist, the (Entarte Kunst)
  9. COLL 45 Seconds Of: (Simballrec)
  10. SPARKIOVOGGEL, THE Sparkiovoggel, the (Self-Release)
  11. COLL Dancing Machine: Erase Errata Remix Record (Troubleman Unlimited)
  12. CASSETTEBOY Parker Tapes, the (Barry's Bootlegs)
  13. KAADA Thank You for Giving Me Your (Ipecac)
  14. DORINE MURAILLE Mani (Fatcat)
  15. MR. DIBBS 30TH Song, the (Rhymesayers Ent)
  16. RATKJE, MAJA Voice (Rune Grammofon)
  17. GREAT AT 8 Green Machine (Howes Head)
  18. LUSTMORD (SOUNDTRACK) Zoetrope Ost (Nextera)
  19. MERZBOW Amlux (Important)
  20. TRANS-RECEPTIVENO-ANTIGRINTALO Sve U Ivi (Slusaj Najglasnije!)
  21. INNERSTANCE.BEATBOX All Little Boys Do Silly Littl (Wobblyhead)
  22. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
  23. DEATHBOMB ARC Why Is Anything Forbidden (<No Label Info>)
  24. COLL Tryptaphonic Mind Expl (Mandragora)
  25. BUTANE, WAYNE N'coherency (Flaymig Cahnhin)
  26. RICH, ROBERT Temple Of The Invisible (Soundscape Productions)
  27. VIDNA OBMANA Spore (Relapse)
  28. U-ZIQ Bilious Paths (Planet Mu Ltd.)
  29. COLL Presence 3 (Pep)
  30. LOSCIL Submers (Kranky)