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Thu Oct 25, 2001 3-6pm 
KiilaContemporariesHeartcore /
Tit WrenchCarpal Tunnel Syndrome8-11-96 (Live) /
Kid Koala & Money MarkCarpel Tunnel SyndromeFunkungfusion /
Los Sampler'sLa Vida Es Llena De CablesDescargas /
Cyro BaptistaLà-Bas C'est NaturelGreat Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg cool. /
Yair DalalDombuktchiShacharut: Live in the Desert /
Rahel JaskowYom Shabbat Kodesh HuDay of Rest /
Thalia ZedekDance Me to the End of Love
Been Here and Gone /
Eszter BalintUn Poison Violent, C'est ça L'AmourGreat Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg coll. /
Ikue MoriKiss of FireHex Kitchen /
Laurie AndersonPoisonBright Red /
Kammerflimmer KollektiefEngel WachtHysteria /
Milk CultHello Kitty (Meow Mix)Burn or Bury /
My RuinDo You Love Me
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio /
Barry AdamsonInstallation NO.1Einsturzende Neubauten /
John ZornBeuysblockSongs From the Hermetic Theate /
Jim O'rourkeChristmas MixRrk 13 /
Hans ReichelLe BalGravikords, Whirlies & /
SpaceheadsThe Blanket DancerRound the Outside /
SpaceheadsGrin of ToastRound the Outside /
SpaceheadsSmash the God OffensiveRound the Outside /
Cline, Nels TrioCroppedGround /
Blonde RedheadMotherMelody of Certain Deranged Lem /
FantomasDevil Rides Out, theDirector's Cut, the /
Faxed HeadRest Stop CleaningChiropractic /
SpazzSir Wax a LotSweatin' 3 Skatin' Satan & Kat /
BONGWATER666Cannibal Love Song
First of the Doom Rock /
JuciferLambsLambs E.P., the /
13BoundHollow /
MythicIntroMourning in the Solstice /
MythicSpawn of AbsuMourning in the Solstice /
CathedralA Funeral RequestForest of Equilibrium /