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Sat Nov 26, 2011 9pm - midnight 
The LicketsThe Intervals Between The Ordered Worlds
Here (On Earth) / International Corporation
Iron MaidenThe Ides Of MarchKillers / Harvest Records
Iron MaidenWrathchildKillers / Harvest Records
Thin LizzyWaiting For An AlibiBlack Rose: A Rock Legend / Warner Bros. Records
BudgieSmile Boy SmileImpeckable / A&M
Angel WitchSweet DangerAngel Witch / Road Racer
Electric ShepherdChem Trails
Electric Shepherd / Self
Fungi GirlsHoney Face
Some Easy Magic / Hozac Records
Sinn SisamouthBiting Game
Cambodian Rocks Vol. Ⅳ / Khmer Rocks
Loyce E Os GnomesEra Uma Nota De 50 Cruzeiros
Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas / Tropicalia In Furs Records
Sroeng SantiKuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
Thai? Dai! / Finders Keepers
Licorice RootsStrangers In Marshmallow Boots
Strangers In Marshmallow Boots / Daisi Records

MinutemenJoy / Black SheepJoy EP / SST
Black LipsModern Art
Arabia Mountain / Vice Music Inc
the BananasAnother Ominous Warning Abou
Nautical Rock N Roll / Independent
The Max Levine EnsembleNihilismHow To Build An Intergalactic Time Machine / self
Boom Boom KidKittyOkey Dokey /
SexyPink ElephantsPor Vida / Plan-It-X
MagrudergrindSuburban Bloodshed62 TRAX OF THRASH /
Black FlagI Love YouMy War / Sst Records/New Alliance
Without GodBelieve
Lambs To The Slaughter / R.A.I.G.
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
Premonition 13Modern Man
13 / Volcom Entertainment
Big BlackPavement SawSongs About Fucking / Touch and Go

Russian CirclesSchiphol
Empros / Sargent House
Negative PlaneLamentations & Ashes
Stained Glass Revelations / Ajna Offensive
BirdRainbow Colors In The Wrong Order
Bird / Self
Amputee / R.S.R.
Amputee / R.S.R.
Mind As PrisonDelusion Of Dilution
Maryland Grindcore / To Live A Lie

Ave A / R.A.I.G.
Richard Pinhas & MerzbowRhizome 3 - 001101010011001
Rhizome / Cuneiform Records
ComorosCloth Bound
On Abjection / Sonic Meditations
Pine Smoke LodgeUntitled I
Season Above Lakes / Cae-Sur-A
Tom CarterSkyline Grinder
Skyline Grinder / Three Lobed Recordings