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Wed Feb 04, 2009 7pm - 9pm 
The Ascent Of EverestMolotov
How Lonely Sits The City / Shelsmusic.Com
My Country Of IllusionEl Piar De Pajaros
Jambient Excursions / Majmua Music
Ample.Fire.Within / Southern Lord Recordings
Billie Pierce & De DeFreight Train Blues
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Soundtrack), The / Concord Jazz, Inc.

BauhausTelegram SamGotham / Metropolis Records
Pinched NerveEating ShrimpPinched Nerve / Self
Signal LostLa Beaute Est Dans La Rue
Prosthetic Screams / Prank

Gang Gang DanceVacuum
Saint Dymphna / The Social Registry
Fifty Foot HoseCauldronCauldron / Weasel Disc Records
Blood Saints / Inam Records

Portugal. The ManNew Orleans
Censored Colors / Approaching Airballoons

Red House PaintersMedicine BottleDown Colorful Hill / 4AD
Ministry Of RitesFadethrough
Grid / Edgetone Records
Hotel HotelFrom Harbour
Sad Sea, The / Silber Records

Band on the RunMamunia
Band on the Run / The Smack Shire
NoxagtBlood Thing
Iron Point, the / Load Records
The Arch CupcakeSunday Gravy BoatWash Out Ep / Patriarch Recordings

Roman EveningComfort BringersTogther Now / Bitter Stag Records

GrailsClean Living
Take Refuge In Clean Living / Important Records